Jobless Crisis Continues in India

The global pandemic has made the youth unemployment rate in India amongst the highest in the world.


The Covid-19 lockdown contributed to the worsening employment situation. The Government has announced various schemes to create more jobs in 2021, but the subsequent economic meltdown on employment has not yet tapered off.

Estimated Data of the PLFs

According to the PLF, the unemployment rate has fallen to a huge scale. In April-June 2020, the urban unemployment rate for the population above the age of 15 was 20.8%. The growth decelerated to 4% between 2019-20. Between 2011-12 and 2017-18, the decline in the number of workers by 15 million is only a reflection of the job crisis. By January 2021, the wages of the casual workers in the rural areas have declined compared to two years ago.

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Haryana’s Unemployment Rate-‘The Highest in India’

A major report stated that the unemployment rate in Haryana is the highest in India. In January 2021, the state saw a considerable dip in the jobless figures due to which there was a spike in the unemployment rate. Unemployment came down to 17.7% in January 2021 from over 32% in December 2020. The unemployment picture in the state depicts the government’s inability to help the industries. Also, the preservation laws that have been announced by the state have led to negative sentiments in the service sectors which in turn harmed the employment prospects in Haryana.

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • India has reached such a stage where the crisis of unemployment and jobless growth is a bigger pandemic that the Government needs to resolve. With the current model of economic growth, the Government must ensure some strong policies so that the country revives from the unemployment problem.
  • Earlier, the Government of India has introduced many schemes to recover India from the unemployment problem but instead of recovery, in the past two months, Indian joblessness has worsened. These job losses will in turn have dire consequences for the Indian industry. So, the new policies by the Government should build resilience for both the workers and the businesses.
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Jobless Crisis Continues in India
The global pandemic has made the youth unemployment rate in India amongst the highest in the world.
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