Journalism in Jeopardy

The murder of Ms. Gauri Lankesh has once again raised questions on the pseudo-politics of India based on religion along with who to blame for such barbarism

Journalism in Jeopardy

Walter Cronkite had said Journalism is what we need to make democracy work” perhaps he had no idea that the days when journalism used to be an important mechanism of the democracy, is no more. Perhaps it may be right for his birth nation but obviously it’s not the universal truth, taking into consideration our dear nation, India. A country which boasts of its culture and being the largest democracy in the world tries to garner international acclaim through its so-called fundamental right of Freedom of Expression. Really? We are a country who has granted freedom of expression as we have acclaimed the importance of media by decorating it as the “Fourth Pillar of Democracy”. Quite funny! We feel it’s our moral duty to acclaim media with such extravagant words and at the same time we feel it a moral compulsion to murder journalists as they are a potential threat to our political gimmick. Could it be more heart-breaking for a country which is celebrating Teacher’s Day and on the other hand murdering the teachers of democracy.

The Common Mantra

The murder of Ms. Gauri Lankesh has once again proved that we are still wrapped in the realms of our glorious past which have no application in the present. The past tells us to be proud of our multi- culture, has now transformed to a certain section of the people being proud. Not only have they become proud but have conceived it as the only way to garner their idle theories which they consider ideal.

They would not have been able to promote fanaticism based on the various absurd steps which they consider as important as it would have been the only way to save ourselves. The persistent fooling of the common masses sitting in power in the name of religion, caste and such other parameters have nothing to do in reality but even though it has become an ingredient of Indian politics. No matter whether the state is underdeveloped or developed these people try to calculate their vote banks on these unnecessary parameters.  They can very easily form a chart based on religion, caste, tribes and other things for their vote banks as that has been the secret of their success in the past. Ah! How can we say it is a secret when it has been the common mantra for all those who want to aspire for power? They do not consider underdevelopment, malnutrition, poverty and corruption for coming in power as it will only undermine their chances of winning and a fool can only willingly risk himself for a loss. If a person interferes against their success mantra they will send this person in the vicinity of the gods as they have done in the case of Ms. Lankesh. Its’ not the first instance that an eminent voice has been silenced down,even a doctor like Narendra Dhabolkar and a scholar named M.M. Kalaburgi got assassinated while raising their voice against superstition and these pseudo-politics based on religion. A million-dollar question is who is to blame for such heinous acts? Why is it that there are always unidentified people who spray bullets on these intellectuals? Why is it that anyone who tries to raise his voice against religion is being silenced?

The Inactive Intellectual

It may be very safe to assume that we could blame the people sitting in power but are they the only ones to blame?  Is there a need to peep into our own den? Politicians can’t be excused and we are equally responsible of such cold-blooded murders as it’s our own inactiveness which has cost these people their lives. It’s our silence which has made them courageous to take the lives of those people whose voices are necessary for society. We love to be called intellectuals but our intellect is just limited either to our workplaces. Even today discussion takes place of these events in the office or in clubs we partake in. It’s our lethargy towards society which has made it unsafe. We would rather spend our time in clubs or in business trips instead of reforming society, which we leave to certain people who are ready to risk their lives. Our inactivity has dipped the country in such a lethargic labyrinth and we blame it for not being developed. We are critics of the country’s development but we are not ready to support the brains that have raised their voice against such pseudo-politics which erodes the country.

The time has come to raise our voices collectively on such heinous acts. If it is not done today, the day is not far when democracy will find itself being transformed into “Demonocracy” whose main propaganda will be the God and not its people.