Kamal Hassan Debuts in Politics

Just because India is the second most populated country, does not mean that more Government parties are required. Parties from all states keep arising, at a time when Traditional parties like BJP and Congress should include founders of these new parties instead of letting them create more confusion to the already messed up electorate system

Kamal Hassan Debuts in Politics
Kamal Hassan Debuts in Politics

Veteran Actor Kamal Haasan launched his own political party on Wednesday, the Makkal Needhi Maiam, translating to “Peoples Justice Centre”.

Kamal Hassan commented, “People are asking me if I am left or right (in ideology). That’s why we have ‘maiam’ (center) in our party (name). We will absorb all good things from whichever direction they come.”

He has offered some great changes such as quality education for all, ending propaganda on caste and even sorting the electricity supply with a positive about ending corruption.

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This is great news, but it must be analyzed properly that many a time’s parties arise and go back down to the waste making it for proper time waste, waste of capital and confusions in people’s mindsets.

The two parties that have emerged recently and how they have succeeded in a country like India are:

  1. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) – Launched on 26th of November 2012, became an instant success as it promised to eradicate corruption which was being overspread in Delhi. Even though it succeeded what must be noted is the continuous corruption allegations on to the party.

As a result, promise and deliver don’t act against it as it’s a sheer mistrust that builds upon people’s minds.

  1. Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha (KPJP) – A party that was announced on 12 August, led by veteran Kannada actor  Upendra Rao. It will centre on the people and will contest in the Karnataka Elections in 2018. It is open for the public to join the party, to provide if they can. So far it looks like a great mix, we will need to wait and watch later on this year.

Kamal Haasan might have good viewpoints and may be a turning factor in Tamil Nadu politics, trying to erase the power by the Dravidian Parties. It, however, would have been even more beneficial if he tied up with an already existing party, to avoid splitting of votes which leads to major policy issues in the future when debated in the parliament.