KARNATAKA: Decoding the drama in a nutshell

BJP's BS Yeddyurappa, who was sworn in as Chief Minister of a minority government in Karnataka on Thursday, has to prove his majority at 4 pm on Saturday, the Supreme Court said today, drastically slashing to 24 hours the time he has to rack up numbers. (With Yedurappa’s picture)

KARNATAKA: Decoding the drama in a nutshell
KARNATAKA: Decoding the drama in a nutshell

Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala had controversially given Mr. Yeddyurappa 15 days to prove his majority. His lawyer Mukul Rohatgi, the former central government lawyer, asked for a week today but the court rejected it. (With Governor Vala’s picture with Yedurappa, also the letter of invitation can be shown)

“Better than the floor test is on Saturday (tomorrow) so that nobody gets any time,” said one of the three judges hearing the case. (Picture of the Supreme Court)

The BJP is eight members short of the 112-majority mark in Karnataka. On Wednesday night, a day after Karnataka produced a hung verdict, the Governor decided to invite the BJP instead of the Congress-Janata Dal-Secular combine, which claimed 116 lawmakers. (Pictures of the election + Kumaraswamy)

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The Congress went to the Supreme Court against the governor’s decision the same night. After an all-night hearing, the court didn’t stop Mr. Yeddyurappa’s oath ceremony but said it would continue hearing the case and raised questions about the 15-day deadline for a test of strength. (Night’s picture or Singhvi’s picture)

Amid fear of defection, the Congress-JDS combine shifted lawmakers around all of yesterday and finally past midnight, moved them out of Bengaluru in three buses. (Pictures of the bus ride)

The three buses drove into Hyderabad this morning and the lawmakers checked into a five-star hotel. But they now have to return for the floor test.

JDS and Congress nominee for CM’s post HD Kumaraswamy alleged that the lawmakers were threatened and also offered Rs. 100 crore bribes and ministries. One of the lawmakers, Anand Singh, was “kidnapped”, the Congress claimed. (Kumaraswamy’s picture)