Know Why Saudi Arabia blocked Qatar

While Qatar was creating alternative oil trade routes to Europe, it was supporting Iran and Muslims brotherhood and was vocal against Saudi atrocities in Yemen. Amidst all these, Al Jazeera was doing rest of the damage by exposing world's largest terror financiers. How long could they tolerate?

Know Why Saudi Arabia blocked Qatar

The real reason of President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia is clear now. Both of them were hand-in-glove to scapegoat Qatar! It is ironical that Saudi Arabia have punished a tiny and prosperous Gulf Kingdom of Qatar for reasons that does not have any proof which can be shown to the world. It can be argued that KSA did not do it on its own, but because of American pressure. For Donald Trump, he needed a scapegoat to show to the American populace how much action he is taking to end terrorism. The question, however, remains why did they choose Qatar?

Qatar is not only the richest nation amongst the GCC, but also one the richest in the world in GDP per capita. In the proxy war going on in Syria, Qatar has the eagerness to build a pipeline through Syria to Europe. Russia has been vehemently opposed to it as their oil market in Europe can be jeopardized as a result. It is alleged that President Trump is obliged to keep Vladimir Putin in good humor as the latter have funded for the American President’s election campaign. Further, Qatar’s offshore North Field, the most important oil field of the nation, has been shared with Iran, the stalwart rival of Saudi Arabia. Without doubt, KSA has been infuriated by this and have not gone down well with the power corridors of Riyadh.

Qatar has been quite vocal in support of Iran and Muslim brotherhood and against Saudi atrocities in Yemen.   

The immense wealth that Qatar accumulated has also enthused rivalry with KSA, in terms Qatar breaking free from the domination of the Saudis in the region. The annual per capita income of Qatar has been $130,000, with KSA not even coming close to it. Qatar is also the world’s largest exporter of the LNG.

There is another subtle factor that has led to KSA cutting of ties and closing border with Qatar. It is the Qatar’s media house, Al Jazeera. It is not unknown, how much secrecy KSA maintains about their kingdom with its own people. Al Jazeera is a bold and professionally run media house comparable to BBC and CNN. The Saudi establishment’s insecurity to such a media company right at their backyard, where criticism and analysis goes on free about any country including KSA, may have added the reasons why KSA turned its back to Qatar.

It is worth mentioning here that Al Saud family is vulnerable, insecure and scared of the Arab Spring that spread through Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc. In this context, Al Jazeera was doing the necessary damage.

Saudi leadership is a bunch of illiterate monarchs and their families and kin taking the world’s holiest land at ransom and at their whims and fancies. Saudi Arabia has lost all its credibility to lead the Muslim world. Instead, the Al Said family is ready to compromise with US and Israel for their throne.

It can be very much argued that KSA would not have taken such a step without the instigation from America. America tolerates no equals. It must be noted that despite having highest per capita income in the world, Qatar could not get the status of being a developed nation. President Trump has been successful in this mission, although the shortsightedness of the Saudis and other GCC nations are glaring.