Special Invitation to Build Ram Mandir – Lack of Leadership in the Muslim Community?

Chanting peace on the Special Invitation for participation in the construction of Ram Mandir Lack of foresight & wisdom in the community leaders!!!

Lack of wise leadership in the community!! Special Invitation for construction of Ram Mandir

Nazimuddin Farooqui  

(Scholar, columnist, analyst, opinion leader, and social worker)



For the first time since independence in India, political, religious and economic tyranny have been at its peak. The conscientious section of the country, irrespective of religion, is now recognizing that India’s largest minority is being oppressed intentionally.

During the last 6 months, there have been some rapid changes taking place in the ranks of Muslims, which indicated that India’s largest politico-religious organizations are going to play a new game with the help of some religious leaders and a few goods for nothing intellectuals. When the BJP won the majority for the first time, Rashtriya Muslim Munch was formed, with Indresh Kumar as the head of it, he tried hard to penetrate the ranks of the Muslims when they realized it is difficult to do so the policymakers of RSS, changed their strategy after gaining a mighty victory in the second term of the 17th Lok Sabha 2019. RSS, succeeded in luring some religious parties and leaders into their political influence through greed and intimidation. The devastating negative effects of which began to unfold on the Muslim community in India. And within a span of few days, this handful of religious leaders & parties emerged on the scene and left no stone unturned in displaying their unconditional loyalty to BJP.

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The Babri Masjid verdict was delivered by the Supreme Court on November 9, 2019. The day of decision was a day of great disappointment for secular journalists and lawmakers & intellectuals especially Muslims in India. There are 5 memorable days associated with the Babri Masjid now after the verdict.

(1) December 22, 1949: the night the Statues were placed inside the mosque under its central dome

(2) 1st Feb 1986 when Rajiv Gandhi got the lock of the Babri Masjid opened & allowed the Pooja to be performed officially.

(3) December 6, 1992: the day when Babri Masjid was demolished by millions of extremist Hindu Kar sevaks.

(4) On November 9, 2019: The proprietary rights of the Muslims on Babri Masjid were confiscated and it was handed over to Hindus on the basis of faith.

(5) On the 10th of November 2019: The heads and representatives of the Muslim parties and the so-called leaders, Maulvis and pigmy intellectuals attended a meeting at the invitation of the National Security Advisor, Mr. Ajit Doval at his residence and enjoyed the food.

Both the days of 9th & 10th Nov 2019 will be remembered in the history of the Muslim community of India. The proprietary rights of the Babri Masjid were confiscated from the Muslims and handed over to the Ram Mandir based on the Hindu belief.

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According to the participants, the invitations were received on November 8th itself. This entire scene was created on a very large scale by the missionary of the government to dramatize the issue. On November 10th, the leaders of all the popular parties arrived with folded hands & the social and military media was filled with their photos. Some of the representatives requested Mr. Ajit Doval to include their protest notes and concern over the CAB, all of that disappeared from the press release issued by the government.

The government was in need of the photos of Maulvis and the leaders & they took full advantage of their presence. The RSS/BJP government wanted to send the world an impression that all Muslim parties and leaders are supporting them on the issue of the SC verdict on the Babri Masjid and they succeeded in doing so.

Here we do not have to say anything about the internal system of invitation, training, service, procedures, and conventions of the parties, but we just want to critically analyze in a simple manner the unplanned activities and meetings that have been taking place over the past few months which went unchecked.  Due to which the Indian Muslim community in India has once again felt their emotions and their wounds have been further infused with salt & chilies.

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If the honor of the nation was regarded with honor and honor, then in today’s history, the names of the jailers would have been written as the rightful leaders. It should have been that by 12 o’clock on the 9th of November, when the whole world had come to know that a decision had been issued against the Muslims in support of the Ram Temple, they had gathered all the chiefs and leaders invited by Ajit Doval. Hooker prepared a memorandum of reconciliation in which 154 days after the recent Lok Sabha elections, laws were made directly against Muslims and decisions were issued, such as the cancellation of the Lunching Law, three divorces, UAPA, Kashmir 370 of Muzaffarnagar. For all 49 criminals of the riot, Muslims were deprived of their rights in the Babri Masjid issue and the CAB In addition to the proposed bill being introduced this winter session, there were S26 major issues that the government was required to raise. Even a large organization such as the Jamat-e-Islami will be so neglected and discouraged. By virtue of their democratic and constitutional right, all the time, the leaders and leaders of the meaningless parties began to read the glorification of peace.

Had they displayed the needed prudence in safeguarding the honor & respect of the Muslim community today these people would have been regarded as the bravest people of the Indian Muslim community & their names would have been written with golden words in the History of Indian Muslim community among the ranks of the truthful people.

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What should actually have happened is this, when the whole world came to know by the noon of 9th November 2019 the verdict has been issued in favor of the Ram Mandir against the Muslims in the 70-year-old Babri Masjid dispute. All those heads of the parties and leaders who were invited by Mr. Ajit Doval should have prepared a joint memorandum with mutual consent that was supposed to contain the details of Laws enacted against Muslims in India within a period of 154 day time after the recent 17th Lok Sabha Elections and the decisions delivered including the recent verdict in favor of Ram Janam Bhoomi by confiscating the proprietor rights of Muslims on the Babri Masjid & other issues of Mob Lynching, Triple Divorce Bill, UAPA, abrogation of 370 & 35A in Kashmir, exonerating all the 49 criminals who were involved in the riots of Muzaffarnagar and the proposed bill of CAB  which is likely to be presented in the winter session of the parliament apart from that there 26 big issues related to Muslims which were supposed to be brought into notice of the government through joint representation of Muslims.

Even a prestigious organization like Jamat-e-Islami India committed an error as they showed the least concern for their constitutional and democratic rights and started glorifying the murmuring peace with the rest of the leaders and responsible persons of other parties the timing they choose to chant these slogans did not match the occasion.

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No matter how pious and big Imam or for that matter he grows to the rank of the Leader of the Community, it should have been seriously thought that on such occasion of special invitation for the construction of “Ram Mandir” one or two lesser ranking representatives should have been sent with the memorandum with a copy of it sent to the press. That would have saved the honor and respect of the Indian Muslim Community. The statement was issued by Mr. Ajit Doval as joint statement on government level that was fully one-sided. The protest notes issued by the Muslim representatives were not included in that. The photos were used to their full advantage in the press with the Maulvis RSS announced for the whole world that Muslims and the personal law board are standing by their side.

A hardcore executive like Ajit Doval, who has made the life of the innocent people in Kashmir a Hell for the past 100 days, has violated all the human rights by carrying out all kinds of excesses on people of Kashmir his invitation was accepted by Indian Muslims Community leaders. Had the meeting been so necessary then they should have gone to meet and submit their memorandum to Priminister Modi or while meeting other senior leaders of the BJP would have been ideally suited. It is difficult to understand what kind of intellectuals are these the National Security Advisor has got nothing to do with our constitutional and legal rights.

They fell into the trap of the government as it gathered them all at his place that is holding an insignificant position related to the issues of our Indian Muslim Community. Ajit Doval can just threaten anyone by telling him that he is going to open a criminal investigation file against him. Are our Muslim leaders out of their sense that they want to issue irrelevant statements by forgetting their legal & constitutional rights on some one’s instructions?

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Our community leaders and parties are unable to understand that a powerful Hindu block has emerged in the world. Mohan Bhagwat has also acknowledged it and said that Hindu Rashtra is a reality now.

Long-time association & affiliation with a particular party leads to unquestioned loyalty and obedience which becomes a major hurdle in assessing the fast track which will lead to the failure to understand the conspiracies which are being cooked by the opposite forces that act as a barrier in foresight.

Alive Nations always take their account critical times and they never lose their temple on criticism, review, audit, analysis, instead, they seriously admit their mistakes and try to take measures to correct them immediately.

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There are instances of some of the members and workers of the religious parties are voicing their concerns against their leaders and office bearers & are submitting their resignations in protest. Exactly opposite to this are some simpletons and sincere workers who are losing their temper when their parties and leaders come under criticism.

Most of them have failed to understand where their party and their council members have gone wrong or lost the direction. It is possible that human decisions could go wrong and there is a possibility of difference in opinion on serious issues, this is not an issue related to the sacrilege or related to faith. Is it possible that those who are holding the high ranks for leading the community and guiding they can do any harm to the community and we all should sit silently by closing our eyes? The common man of the Muslim community equally has the right to question and ask for accountability of those who are holding high posts

in the religious parties of the community & its leaders. Parties are part of the community; the community is not part of the party. We have to pave way for the negotiations so that the community keeps moving ahead with unity and integrity in the right direction.

We are asking our big shots of the community and Islamic parties why you don’t ask at the right time for the restoration of democratic, constitutional and legal rights the governments. That’s what your job is.

Our national leadership and parties are sitting afraid of the government and the majority community. Our country has 303 BJP seats in parliament and it is the largest political party in the country, but still, the majority of the political parties are secular only. BJP has only 37.4% of the vote bank while other parties have 62.6% of the vote. Democracy has not died completely in our country. Our parties and its leaders instead of putting the agenda for the safety & security of our community along with its development and working for it they are engaged in holding the peace line offered by the government that’s what has destroyed the status and stature of Muslims which was otherwise would have been a power to reckon with.

Protest, difference in opinion & keeping the pressure for the sake of our rightful, political, social, and legal right on the government is the beauty of the democratic set up of the government and India is still considered the largest democracy. If anyone had to bend down to the pressure of the BJP it was supposed to be these opposition parties with 48%. It is high time we took our lessons from the Hindu Political Leaders, as BJP maintained it position in the 1984-1989 Parliament when it was reduced to a mere 2 seats against the sympathy wave generated after the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. But it struggled and rose from 2 seats to 303 now.

In a country where the political and legal rights are fully denied shared democracy rationale is correspondingly weakened.

Some community parties and leaders instead of addressing the challenges and to prepare to face them are indulging in irrelevant & untimely linking of the Islamic history and events it is not wise of them to do so. Those truthful leaders and community leaders who issued straight forward statements and have fulfilled their duty towards the community, Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi, Abdu Asim Azmi, Qaem Rasool Ilyas, Convener Babri Masjid Committee and Member of the Jamat-e-Islam Maulana Wali Rahmani are included among them.

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In one of the recent meetings in which almost all the representatives of all the parties were present Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi while addressing Maulana Arshad Madani had said it in a straight forward manner “Maulana How can you trust Mohan Bhagwat? We can trust hundreds of poisonous snakes put together but we cannot trust Mohan Bhagwat”

For the sake of Community pride, integrity, honor & respect we have to stand like a mountain against all the oppressive forces not like this in the name of manners, truthfulness & peace you are forgetting your responsibility of giving a “Smarter response”  against the continuous attacks in the form of legal, political, as well as violent and derogatory policies instead of voicing your protest its deplorable to get involved in illogical, ill-mannered and immoral political activity is highly condemnable.

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Lack of wise leadership in the community!! Special Invitation for construction of Ram Mandir
Chanting peace on the Special Invitation for participation in the construction of Ram Mandir Lack of foresight & wisdom in the community leaders!!!