Literary and Social Commentator Mr Ziya Us Salam I Jamia Collective I Lynch Files


Ziya Us Salam is a noted Literary and social commentator. He has been associated with The Hindu for past 19 years. At present, he is the Associate Editor, #Frontline, and writes on social, cultural issues for the magazine besides doing book reviews. His book “Till Talaq Do Us Part”, a study of various divorce options available in Islam., was released in early 2018. The same year, he came “Of Saffron Flags and Skull Caps”, a searing take on the politics of #Hindutva as a challenge to the idea of India. His book “365 Tale from Islam” will be out later this month. In an exclusive interaction with The Policy Times, he spoke about mob lynching culture in India, its historical narrative and legal and policy alternatives to stop lynching in India.

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