The lost cause of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is fair treatment of data on the internet, with no discrimination or different charge practices. A disappoint in the developments of net neutrality took place yesterday, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voting to dismantle the net neutrality rules.

The lost cause of Net Neutrality
The lost cause of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality regulations prohibited broadband providers to charge higher for certain services or from blocking some of the websites. With the FCC repealing net neutrality it will lead to the internet being an unequal playing field.

Ajit Pai, is the appointed chairman of FCC by President Donald Trump, and is finally successful in what he calls heavy handed regulation. This can have dire effects on consumers, online businesses and internet service providers (ISPs).

In 2015, the existing regulations for net neutrality were put forward by the previous chairman of FCC, Tom Wheeler. In these existing regulations, ISPs were forbidden from discriminating among their customers. A fee for internet means you got everything. However with the new changes, powerful telecommunication companies in the U.S such as AT&T and Verizon will do as they please and favour the websites and services that give them an extra buck.

This type of favouritism can lead to unnecessary price surges, with a disadvantage to new players in the internet field. The internet was the best source of freedom of such importance as freedom. This will be a drastic blow to the internet which everyone has grown to feel freer.

“You are no longer going to be the one in control,” Says Gigi Sohn, a long time public interest advocate and telecom analyst. He further added about the way companies will choose the websites you see more frequently, by loading the less favoured websites.

Net neutrality was a fight which was won after many a uphill battle. Chad Dickerson CEO of Etsy, started the freedom revolution. However this has all gone back, and the many countless years of hard work and determination has come toppling down.

The power of these companies is so strong that they can determine users to use a particular search engine like Microsoft Bing and completely block Google.

With recent studies showing 80% of support to the net neutrality, it is of sudden discomfort the FCC rules against it. The internet long being the best platform for expressing freedom.