Love & Equality Redefined

An opulent mix of experience and young blood shared their views on the most debatable topic of our times under the banner of The Policy Times on the theme of Love Vs Equality.

Love & Equality Redefined
Love & Equality Redefined

If 11th May has earlier been termed historic after being the birthday of the legendary Hungarian poet János Batsányi, then after than 25 decades, it became a red letter day thousands of miles away in New Delhi when the venue of 91 Springboard witnessed an amalgamation of the doyens and youths at the same time. The theme of “Love Vs Equality” got a new definition under the banner of The Policy Times and its sister concern Litterateurs. It was the candid efforts of Akram Hoque, Founding Editor; TPT that not only the youth showed an active participation but also various other media houses extended their hands in the form of being media and knowledge partners. If the prominent racing club; Achilles Racing Club acted as an Event Partner then prominent digital media firms like The Tricky Scribe, Maeeshat Media, NRInews24*7 and GccStartupnews.Com were the media partners whereas IJLL (Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language); a prominent literary journal acted as the knowledge partner.

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Had it been possible that we talk about love and the romance writers can be left aloof! The event witnessed some of the stalwarts of romance who have repeatedly touched the string of the youths’ heart through their stories and novels. The event started with the wise words of the Dronacharya of Romance “Syed Arshad” who has given voice to endless newbie authors through his maiden venture, “Blue Rose Publishers”. After there were a series of emotions sprouted in the voice of various worshippers of romance. If the entrepreneur turned bestselling author Rohit Dawesar talked about the basic practicalities of love life, then the techie turned author Himanshu Rai talked about the importance of equality which can be garnered through love. The eminent professor and poetess Nandini Sahu talked about the importance of universal literature and necessity of language editing in the current trend of literature which is heading downwards. Contrary to Nandini’s thought-process, novelist Ajitabha Bose emphasized on writing as per the reader’s choice along with the importance of real-life stories.

Amidst all these eminent and experienced stalwarts, the affluent 12-year-old novelist, Hardik Upreti stole the show. If these were the words from those who have made a name for themselves, then the uncapped yet substantial voices presented their substance in the Open-Mic Session which was a feather in the cap for the event. If Shachi Shambhavi shared her poem in a complete sync with the theme then Vandana Jha presented her poem on the objectification of a female body. If Prince Preet presented some couplets in Punjabi then the founder of ARC, Abhishank Jain swayed the audiences in a different ecstasy through his well-versed poems.

The event was hosted by Nitish Raj; Coordinator of Litterateurs and author of I Had Also Loved Someone, a romantic crime thriller.