Love, Live and Move On, Well, Not Always!

We all fall in love, learn good things, cherish some bright moments and then comes a phase where we face and learn hardest things of life - breakup. To overcome all odds, why we may have to think beyond the simple mantra - Love, Live and Move on!

Love, Live and Move On, Well, Not Always!

Love is something we don’t learn in classrooms. Whether a person is educated or illiterate, rich or poor, religious or atheist, he/she feels the same intensity of love for his/her partner. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every person in this world fall in love for someone. Love which is supposed to be pious in nature has ironically changed it’s own nature with time. Gone are those days when the recital of the three magical words (I Love You) was almost a surety of our love. Love which is said to be an utmost serene faith is today searching faith itself as we have dipped ourselves into the fashion of multiple relationships. What an irony!

Love bonds that are built on the firm faith of being converted into relations die premature death as our morality are degrading day by day. Reason being! We have failed to understand the true essence of love. Even at the time when we sit down silently to ponder upon during the rough phase of our relationship, we are suggested by our so-called well-wishers to move on as this is the best way to come out of this mess rather than wasting our time on such nonsense. What could we expect from such a society which label the rough times as mess and love as a nonsense?

The Sacred Secret

Even today we believe that love is a sacred secret undoubtedly. Still then it seems that people don’t want to keep this secret for long as they move on to their next secret which they claim more secret than the earlier one. What happens to them that they don’t want to be with the same person with whom they had taken a swear of life and death? Ah! We can choose for the next option as we have armoured ourselves already with the weapon of Move On. Hardly we take an insight into our own conscience that the sacred secret is not dependent on any particular individual. The love even though have been debatable since its origin lies within us unarguably. Indeed! Its’ very easy to blame anyone and curse them from the core of your heart but have we ever tried to peep into our own heart. Why don’t we try to look at our own fallacies which have compelled her or him to go away from you? It may be very easy for us to argue as its’ human tendency to feel himself free from any drawbacks. Its’ easy to excuse yourself with various excuses and insipid talks in your own favor but its’ quite tough to define your devotion for the particular individual. It may be very easy to point a finger towards anyone’s character without knowing the true meaning of the character word but its’ quite tough to have a look upon our own malevolent character which fantasize of things full of lustiness. Indeed! You can console yourselves by saying these things are common then how can we shed crocodile tears which have compelled you to take the drastic step of Move On.

As the youngsters of modern society we need to understand that the real love lies within the boundaries oftrust, faith, devotion, care and such things only.” Once these boundaries are breached you not only lose someone who is more precious than your life but also put yourself into a blind race in the desert. A desert where you run aimlessly in search of that love whom you have already left far behind on the name of this Move On.