Love Marriage Versus Arrange Marriage

The most common discussion among today’s youngsters is marriage. Is it necessary to have an insightful look before even getting into any format of marriage?

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

If ever something eternal have come out of our tradition which have stood firm with the test of time, it is marriage. A bond which is supposed to be more firm than any bond of the world. A bond which even though unites almost two complete different individuals holds the potential for making both the individuals complete in each and every respect. Marriage which had been celebrated since ages holds a divine status in every phase of the tradition and it speaks itself of its veracity. At the time when we are losing our long cherished values in a rampant way, the concept of marriage is being questioned as we have now entangled ourselves in the labyrinth of the most argued topic of the common masses. Is it our bad luck or something else that this topic of discussion and argument have rested that whether love or arrange marriage is better?

Love Marriage

Indeed! If ever a person from any part of the world cherished any dream, it is certainly marrying the girl whom he loved more than anything. It’s a trend in the youth and an unfulfilled fantasy who were the so-called unlucky. It seems quite unlikely that today’s youth are going to marry a girl whom they still don’t know. How can they partner themselves with someone who is totally a stranger? Really! The modern youths who consider individuality, liberty, independence as the necessary ingredients of a quality life, can ever they think of any marriage except love marriage?

Arrange Marriage

It is a tradition conceived well by our parents and their parents. In the arrange marriage, as the name suggests, involve brides and grooms who don’t much say in choosing their partner. Arrange marriage have been a matter of controversies and discussions as it contain certain flaws. The flaws which have been responsible for the wrong judgment of a person inflict pain to the other person. Unlike all the traditions of our past, this has also come into a close scrutiny as it do not consider a person’s choices. Even though we boast of marriage being a bond, the question is how much it is justified to bind any person with anyone of our choice? If marriage is divine in nature, why this devilish format exists, where your own destiny are written by your parents without your consent? If marriage is divine, then what about the love?

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

It’s quite an elation to hear the young boys and girls preaching a length on the authenticity of love marriage and considering arrange marriage as outdated and absurd which is full of flaws. I have no grudges against love marriage, but if they really have so much know-how of love, can they justify multiple relationships? One of the very frequent arguments “How can we spend our life whom we don’t know?” Wait! The girl or boy whom you are claiming to be in love was a total stranger to you either just a few months or a few years back. One of the most absurd reasons given by our youths “How can I marry whom I don’t love?” send me in a different world. Barring the exceptions, everyone is arguing to marry someone who is for sure not his first love. If you are considering yourself mature to be married, then at least you would have a clear-cut idea about love.

Or still you are behaving childishly where strolling and waiting for someone is being considered a love? Heights to your immaturity if you are considering some chunks of intimate acts as love as you have earned it out of love! Just because you are married to someone and the intimate acts become a privilege, you are considering it not being in love. Just because she does not pretend in front of you as you are her destined partner, it might be a sign of lack of romanticism for you. As she is not potential candidate for dumping you in quest for her newly found love, you consider it absence of love. Considering your money as your money and not letting loose your pocket on the name of date and gifts, it might be a sign of prosaic nature for you. It might happen that lack of sulkiness and her continuous coaxing you in case of any petty fights may be a sign of her monotonous nature for you. Seriously guys! If your thinking is on those lines, I am not sure whether you are in love or not but for sure you are not ready to marry yet to anyone as marriage requires infinite maturity from a person.

The Concluding Words

Any form of marriage is good equally desirable only if we have the understanding of the concept of marriage with ample maturity. Just being a sheep of the herd is not going to benefit us in any way.