The Lutyan Afghan Elites minting billions

Focus is how Afghan political class and its political elite are pick pocketing billions of dollars of economics and political aids coming from US, India and other countries.

The Lutyan Afghan Elites minting billions.

Afghanistan vests the president more powers than the former Afghan kings. Appointments of officials along with placements to those in charge of the country are all trusted upon by the president. Power controls the people of Afghanistan, with all the powers of the country on the president.

The current president President Ashraf has already dismissed governers such as Muhammad Nur of Balkh which was unnecessary. This monopolization of power, is unethical given the circumstances of Afghanistan having different tribes, societies and people.

The 2004 constitution has denied the people of Afghanistan their rights to elect their governors, mayors and district officers. Even hiring of professional administration  is prohibited. The undemocratic nature of the controlling of the country is absurd and will grow the resentment from the people.

Given the power, the president has pick pocketed billions in aid coming from all over the world. There is no watchdog, nor is there I committee appointed to ensure aid goes to the right places.

Trump has threatened to cut Pakistani aid, due to non-corporation by the Pakistani officials. Afghanistan’s billions of aid could also be threatened if and once confirmed of the greediness of the power hungry president.

Amendment to the constitution is necessary for Afghanistan to avoid the repeat of history, where multi ethnic Afghanistan have only been struggled.

Why Afghanistan is India’s best Regional Friend?

Given India’s supportive nature towards Afghanistan, and the continuous power hungry President losing focus it is time for attention to India the donor.  India has supported 200 schools and 1 000 scholarships under watchful eyes, however plain aid being misdirected is the factor to consider. The Indian Army have even trained Afghan Women Military personnel to ensure security is high and the country saves its innocent civilians.