Lynching in Modern India: The Dark Years of Cow Terrorism

Recently, Samayuddin (65) was lynched in Hapur District. In the name of the cow vigilantism, attacks on Muslims went up to 32 times in 3 years. Out of these, 23 people were killed by the cow vigilantes.

Lynching in Modern India: The Dark Years of Cow Terrorism
Lynching in name of Cow.

Why is it that whenever BJP’s rule comes, such disputes, quarrels, murders, and riots take place? Why is the problem of Muslim and Dalit communities catering to Hindutva elements? Vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, its person’s will. Why should anyone else interfere in it? Neither all Hindus are vegetarians, nor all Muslims are non-vegetarian? Can anyone say with a claim that Non-Muslims do not eat Beef meat? The incident of cow vigilantism is an attack on the Constitution.

After the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, communalization started taking shape in Indian politics. BJP Leaders and ministers worked together to sow the seeds of hate among the people in the name of religion. The BJP party warmed up their political status in the name of the cow and took their political advantage. It seemed to them that the cow has gone through a paradigm shift of transformation from ‘Gau Maata’ to a ‘Political Animal’.

The current government has been blatant in playing dirty politics in the name of religion and communalization as compared to the previous governments. In 1990, there was an attempt to spread religious hatred by the BJP government. The crowd of hardcore Hindus led by L.K Advani started the Ram Mandir movement. At that time, the political conspiracy was being carried out to hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. It led to the death of 2000 peoples.

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The present BJP government did not give up its dichotomy in spreading communalism. After 2015, a hot topic came in the name of the cow politics which spread hatred among Hindus and Muslims across the country. The manner in which hatred campaigns were launched across the social media against Muslims. It boiled down to the fact that some people started threatening Muslims.

In 2015, a Muslim was beaten to death by a mob outside his home in suspicion of beef in Delhi. There have been many incidents of attack on Muslims in North India due to the consumptions of beef. The killings related to the cow increased throughout the country. The killing of Junaid, Mohammed Akhlaq, Pahlu Khan, Mohammed Imtiyaz created an atmosphere of insecurity for Muslims across the country. Figures show that between June 2014 and December 2015, 11 cases of cow vigilantism occurred. Since then, the momentum of the Hindutva brigade has been increased. There were 16 incidents in 2016, while 9 cases were reported within six months of 2017. Such cases were mostly seen in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Rajasthan and more in those areas. In this way, it is clear that such incidents have increased since the BJP government came into the power.

In the name of the cow vigilantism, attacks on Muslims were held 32 times in 3 years. Out of these, 23 people were killed. In a way perhaps, this figure is also not entirely accurate because many national media do not cover every case, it may be that the figures are even more. Even after these incidents, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not utter any word of regret and condolences.