to promote Maharastra blockchain and Fintech

Chicago based Indian American Dr. Tausif Malik launches - Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) to promote the State of Maharashtra as an Ideal destination.

372 to promote Maharastra blockchain and Fintech to promote Maharastra blockchain and Fintech


The first event (Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) will held on April 28th, 2018, Pune India. is an initiative aimed at promoting  “ the State of Maharashtra” as an Ideal destination for investing for development, R&D, and promoting emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency.

Dr. Tausif Malik has a long history of involvement in business, technology, and community       organizing said that the “ the State of Maharashtra offers 1.) Great international connectivity, 2.) Proximity of airport from the main city, 3.) Real estate opportunities, 4.) Availability of human resources & talent standard of living, 5.) Quality of life, 6.) Mumbai financial capital & entertainment capital, 7.) Pune – Oxford of the eEast & Detroit of the East 8.) Pune – India 1st tech capital of India ”.

Malik further said that the “ There are many conference or events, which only promote a particular subject or a technology but (Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) conference and ecosystem where it is not promoting technology but the State of Maharashtra. This was never done before and its one of its  ”.

He is the creator of America’s Largest Community based Spelling Bee competition    ,, World’s first Startup Ecosystem backed by Blockchain technology, GCCStartup.News, GCC regions first Startup and entrepreneurship news portal.’s vision and benefit is to connect with the vision and policies of Government of India such as Make India, Startup India- Standup India, Digital India & Skill India.

Dr. Tausif Malik shared his story as an entrepreneur “ I didn’t win a singIe competition … even though my mother took me to over 100 competitions  ….Every-time I lost at the competition, my mother would say that “Your time will come”….now I’m the creator of America’s Second Largest Competition. That taught me perseverance and dedication. Hence, I  would want offer my expertise and experience to budding entrepreneurs through our Startup Events and Fests.

Dr. Malik said that “The’s conference will include Networking sessions,          Speakers, Startup Showcase, Hackathon Vendor Stalls where attendees will interact with each other and exchange business ideas and business cards”. is an ideal conference to connect with entrepreneurs, businesses, technology enthusiasts, scientists, educationists, who want to be part of fast emerging such as Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency. (Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) ecosystem consists of the following:

Events: Conduct grand day long Business conference, Networking and Startup events in major cities of Maharashtra such as Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur & Sholapur. International roadshows in global locations.

Social Network: Social Network Site, where individuals & businesses, can post their businesses, requirements, investment opportunities, blogs and promote them to our database of global investors and business community.

Incubators & Accelerators: Strategic partnership with industry experts, investors, incubators, accelerators institutions to promote Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency for development of technology & promotion.

Venture Capital: By 2019 to launch MAHAbfic Venture Capital fund.

AMP Convention attended by 270 Delegates from India and Abroad