Meet the Drone Boy Uyes from Pune

The drone Boy Mohammed Uyes Inamdar recently passed Tenth Standard and taking admission in Electronic Engineering. He made drone when he was in 9th standard. He is selected for the SKI-NSLV-Kalam.2 payload for balloon launch which will be launched in NASA this month.

Meet the Drone Boy Uyes from Pune

Mohammed Uyes Inamdar who lost his father in 2002 in Gujarat when the riot took place is grabbing headlines. His mother Shagufta Inamdar took him to Pune with his two sisters for better life and wellbeing. She took a job as Assistant Coordinator with a PAI-ICT Academy and took care of Uyes and all his three sisters as single parent. Since childhood, Uyes is passionate about engineering especially building drones. He has already registered for a patent and has set up his own company ‘Berry-IIT’ which was established in the month of July, 2015.The teen added, “I started making drones on my own. I have several other plans that I want to execute once the patent for this drone is registered.” Better than the best the student of Anglo Urdu Boy’s High School, Azam Campus in Pune said he has been interested in science and innovation for several years now and has always been encouraged by his Mother.

A young boy, Uyes Inamdar who is now 16 and at 10th standard, established his own company when he was 12. Company was initially named as BERRY COMPUTER COMPANY in 2014 officially registered as BERRY-IIT (BERRY INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY). In year 2015 lunched his first product Lan Wires, the fastest data sharing cord manufactured by his own company. Since it was not so, successful. His robotics teacher suggested him to manufacture robotics kit because Lego Robotics kits are so expensive so everyone cannot learn robotics. So he decided to manufacture robotics kit, with that everyone can learn Robotics. He started and he launched his robotics kit named as REX-2.O by BERRY-IIT in November 2015. Even he has interests in flying machine. Recently he build a drone which can fly up to 250 fts and it is fully autonomous which can send signals up to 3 km to base station and can lift  up to 2 kg of weight. It has GPRS, Telemetry, Ultrasonic  sensor, RGB sensor, Air speed sensor, Camera and many more features and can avoid obstacles by itself. He aims to give it to Indian army and to save people in tsunami. His company is now working on tablet PCs for school for e-education in India and will be introduced in market by October 2017.

His projects are sponsored by ‘Space Kidz India.’ His keen interest is space. He is selected for the SKI-NSLV-Kalam.2 payload for balloon launch which is shipped to NASA, COLUMBIA FACILITY. “Space Kidz India” is working towards promoting Art, Science and Culture for students of India, creating an International Platform for the same.

The family expressed gratefulness to Dr P.A. Inamdar, President of Azam Campus Pune. He is recognized for a wide range of work in the fields of education, construction, legal matters and philanthropy across the country.