Meet India’s Global Innovator Mr. Boney Davis and Start-up: The Netix Group

NETIX Global is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company.

Meet India’s Global Innovator Mr. Boney Davis and Start-up: The Netix Group

This is a unique program by the Policy Times to bring light to unique innovators, start-ups, and entrepreneurs from across the world, who are bringing a unique contribution through their service and offers. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are the backbones of our society and Policy Times is committed to bring and promote such entrepreneurs, whose contribution is making a significant difference in society. In our last show, we had a very important organization with its own footprint in a very unique sector, NETIX Global. Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder Editor of The Policy Times, interviewed Mr. Boney Davis, Director Sales of NETIX Global  Asia Pacific who has close to 15 years of experience and has represented control system manufacturers from Europe and North America. He currently overlooks the Asia Pacific operations of NETIX Global and is responsible for the sales, operations, and P&L of the region. Mr. Hoque discussed with him, how the company is doing, what are its offerings, and what its future plans are.

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NETIX Global is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company. Netix helps you see your building in a new light with the most advanced visualization tools available today. It is an IoT and AI-driven advanced building automation systems provider. Their founders have teamed up to transform the way we see the technology and world benefitting from building automation and connected buildings.

Boney kindly introduces yourself and tells us a brief about your organization.

NETIX Global is a company that is into intelligent and integrated building management systems.  We provide solutions like fire detection and alarm system, digital public address and voice alarm system, and emergency exit lighting systems for complete system evacuation. We provide all these subsystems, and we also integrate with these subsystems and integrate other mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and low voltage systems into our platform NETIX Global. This essentially creates an integrated intelligent building management system. Once the systems are integrated, we can provide systematic evacuation to evacuate people smoothly from the facility along with monitoring and controlling parameters of all the services that are connected to the building.

We are an Indo-European company and have done more than 100 projects across India and have also been involved in smart city projects.

Boney, kindly give us an account of your business presence across Europe and Asia. With you as a sales director, what are your strategies for taking this business from here?

With regards to the expansion plan, we have established ourselves very well in the Middle-East, European, and Indian markets with the support of our customers and system integration partners. Weare launching the Netix NovusPartner program that revolves around the Brownfield Revolution, this will be unveiled on September 1st, at the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This would be live-streamed across 20+ countries. This will be a first-of-its-kind hybrid industry event for the region. We will see over 1000 attendees from across the globe, joining the event digitally, and in person.

There are a lot of buildings that have been executed in the past and have systems in place, however, at times some of the systems do not work or some are older systems that are no longer supported by OEMs, or the system is locked with a dongle or a closed protocol and can be serviced only by the OEM.

To solve these challenges, we as NETIX Global have provided a truly open system with a dongle-free open protocol. We have also created integration drivers and connectors for legacy BMS brands, which would help our partners under the Novus partnership program to have an advantage and help their customers to open these legacy systems that were locked and take maintenance contracts for these projects and integrate multiple building on our platform, thereby, creating connected buildings solution for the customer.  Using this program, our partner can target the complete brownfield base. We already have a platinum partner on board in the Middle-east, where we’ve been targeting some of the major real estate development projects with the Novus partnership program.

Apart from the Novus partnership program in India, we see a lot of potential in the industrial and manufacturing segment. We would be rolling out our platform to provide solutions in the industrial and manufacturing segment, by providing our digital manufacturing framework, where we would integrate the IT and the OT, within the context of Industry 4.0and help customers optimize their manufacturing operations by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

My next question for you Boney is that I want to know how uniquely you are positioning yourself through the latest technology.

Our platform has been developed in a manner where we have given the basic framework, and all integrations, drivers, and connectors are built over that framework. In India, we have the Centre of Innovation and Engineering, where we provide support for the global markets. In the case of smart cities, we not only provide our systems and solutions that go in smart cities, but we also provide complete design support; right from the blueprint of those smart cities to providing the complete implementation support that would be required by the authorities to interact with the city and the citizens. Apart from our software providing machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) the hardware that we provide is IoT (Internet of Things) enabled.

Can you brief us on what kind of partnership or collaboration or kind of organizations you’re looking for, who can be your partners or who can be your channel partner collaborator or maybe your client or buyer, and what is your strategic message for them, so that they can associate with you?

We work with a wide range of customers from various sectors like smart cities, commercial offices, IT/ITES, Malls, hotels, industrial, pharmaceutical and residential sectors. We cater to the customers in these sectors by partnering with the leading master system integrators over various geographies who are involved in connected smart buildings, city-wide projects, or with partners that have a global landscape of implementation. The partners we work with need to have a good technical understanding of the overall requirement to provide bespoke solutions as per the customer’s requirement.

From the security point of view, do you have any products in the security management system?

The software that we provide for our intelligent and integrated building management system or intelligent and integrated command and control center, has various global cybersecurity compliance in place, such as, NIST, IEC, and ISA. We also provide upgrades to the customer to ensure that they have the latest cybersecurity compliances. On the security systems front, our group of companies provides basic video surveillance cameras, video analytics software and we also have got access control-based security systems with us. Apart from this we also have physical security products like bollards, boom barriers, flap barriers, and turn styles. We also have a network security product that helps us to ensure that the network is safeguarded from any cyber-attacks.

Boney, any major challenges or opportunities that you see for your business in the future, especially post-pandemic?

Our company which is a one-stop solution provider for safety, security, and energy-saving systems foresee enforcements of building standards as one of the major challenges in developing markets. For us, opportunities lay in the fact the major competitors in our domain focus on creating closed systems with open protocols that impact customers in the long run and increase the total cost of ownership for the customer. Whereas, our system being truly open, helps customers differentiate service providers based on the service provided and are not arm twisted to stick to a service provider because there is no one who can cater the product due to its dependency on locking systems and closed protocols.  As a solution provider in the construction domain, we are moving from smart buildings to connected buildings to smart connected buildings to digital industries which would help us to drive smart cities.

The session was chaired and mentored by Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman Unleashing India, Global Smart City Panel, and MTGF. His observation on Netix group is that it has got a lethal combination of Indo- Europe, and there’s a huge expectancy in Europe from India and huge expectancy from India to Europe because Europe is also looking for support from India post the major China’s debacle so they are looking for India to be a natural partner and the way this company is designed is that they have other centers of innovation and engineering Coie centers in India because of the natural advantage of having India as a support center and thus any support required is offered from their Indian operation. And also they are calling themselves as Intelligence and Integrated Management Building system maybe I would suggest them to be called as Intelligent Smart City Support Management Company because in India from the market point of view they almost have 700 cities and six lakh forty thousand villages going smart so the amount of business they are having in front of them is huge. They are really doing a good job in terms of having themselves certified as integrated systems as they can plug and play anything they want and their own strength seems to be basically software which is extremely good and for this, there is nothing better than India for having a development center and they are tied up with all the hardware from various centers which can also be done from India.

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Meet India’s Global Innovator Mr. Boney Davis and Start-up: The Netix Group
NETIX Global is an Indo-European Integrated and Intelligent Building Management Solution Company.
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