Meet India’s Global Innovator with Connect-Meet-Trade-Growth System For India’s MSMEs

India’s MSME sector has very promising prospects in terms of national economic growth but their true potential can only shine through if they are able to explore opportunities beyond their periphery.

Meet India’s Global Innovator with Connect-Meet-Trade-Growth System For India’s MSMEs

India has one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world that is directly responsible for unique innovation and large R&D bringing transformative reformation in the global market and in society. The Policy Times in keeping with India’s entrepreneurial spirit curated Global Innovator & Entrepreneur Program to bring desired attention to Indian startups and their unique contribution to society. In the latest series of the program Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder Editor of The Policy Times interviewed Ms. Rutuja Sanjay Landge, Promoter & Director Finance of Bluemark Software Private Limited. Rutuja has been awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2020 & Atma Nirbhar Bharat Award for Excellence in IT in 2021.

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Bluemark Software Pvt Ltd is a unique start-up that provides a growth ecosystem for business. Their entire collection of products Ablifree Business Network, AbliMeet a virtual video conferencing platform, and Ablifree Expo a digital exhibition is a complete growth booster for business owners through insight-driven strategic planning and system.

Rutuja, tell us a bit about yourself and how did the unique idea behind AbliFree come about?

I am a postgraduate in finance and in the last 7 years I have been involved with business development activities of the industry cluster.

I represent Bluemark Software Pvt Ltd and the initialization of the product started back in 2016. The major objective behind this was to ease India’s MSMEs & SMEs into broader potential through seamless digital business networking and connect them to business prospects in the domestic and international markets. In India majority of the MSMEs & SMEs are located in tier-2 or tier-3 cities and it is extremely difficult for them to connect to prospects and have a successful digital transition of their business and maintain a strong digital presence all the while working to boost individual growth.

In a scenario where digitalization transformed the global market and its entire framework lack of comprehensive digital preparedness spells a handicap to potential growth. Keeping this in mind we came up with a comprehensive digital system integrating B2B networking, video conferencing, e-commerce & trade exhibitions for businesses connected via our platform. Through this businesses can network to potential business opportunities, communicate and finally trade.

Our very unique product Ablimeet Corporate, an integrated video conferencing platform has in a way made our systematic growth solution more comprehensive, personalized, and secure. Ablimeet is very similar to other video conferencing platforms in the market but with our very own tweaks in the presentation.

How is Ablimeet Corporate unique from the other national & international platforms in the market?

The  USP of Ablimeet is firstly data security. For any other video conferencing platform the data is stored in the platform’s own server but for Ablimeet the data is stored in an individual organization server and the organization has full authority to categorize its availability to the person of choice and the conference is hosted on the organization’s own server. Another one of the unique features of Ablimeet is that it can be white-labeled as the individual organization’s own platform with its unique presentation and setup. Ablimeet comes with a customized dashboard for individual organizations as well.

It is also very easy to use and with one click you can schedule a meeting with your company stakeholders even a month prior to the date and the concerned person will be notified accordingly.

The recording and FaceBook and YouTube Live have just added bonuses along with chat preferences during meetings. The chats can be shared or private as per your customized preference.

The meetings are not time-bound, it is for unlimited time. The affordability of this platform is another plus point, people only have to do one-time payments instead of monthly payments and added time does not translate to the added cost burden. In a situation where a virtual platform is the only solution for business communication, affordability and easy usability of a video conferencing system are essential. AbliMeet has a mobile app and people can run Ablimeet in a remote area with low data connection as well.

Virtual Communication is the need of the hour and everyone needs it from education to corporate, individual to the organization do you provide any customized plans for different sectors?

To be precise for corporate there is a growing need for webinars and confidential meetings as well and the participant amount varies in each case and we provide customized solutions for corporate on their video communication.

Given the increasingly large market for video conferencing platforms, what is your expansion strategy?

My focus right now for the domestic market is to tap from the 7 crores population in India’s MSME & SME sectors and bring them into the growth booster ecosystem. As for the international market, people are more habituated to digital aspects of business and it is relatively easy to tap and have good success up until now. The response from our customer base is really positive.

Any message for your audience, Rutuja?

I would like to appeal to India’s MSMEs & SMEs to use a made in India unique product and get a good experience through this and then make their choice on this. The entire product range caters to the business class to discover their growth potential.

The Program is chaired and mentored by Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman Unleashing India, Global Smart City Panel, MTGF. His observation of Bluemark Software and its enhanced system highlights three aspects, firstly complete data security is absolutely a game-changer for the users, and secondly easy usage thirdly the dynamic and enhanced addition of their own makes their product global. This is going to do extremely well in the finance sector that requires confidentiality in every movement and education to bring a unique revamp of online education.,

For further details on the innovation the innovator can be contacted at the details below:


M:  9552873030

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Meet India’s Global Innovator with Connect-Meet-Trade-Growth System For India’s MSMEs
India’s MSME sector has very promising prospects in terms of national economic growth but their true potential can only shine through if they are able to explore opportunities beyond their periphery.
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