The Menace of Multiple Relationships

How much the transition of relationships into other horizons has just proved a way to lose our own way rather than directing us toward a serene way?

The Menace of Multiple Relationships
The Menace of Multiple Relationships

Ah! How much it seems beautiful when we find ourselves in the voyage of relationship for the first time? Each and every particle of the universe seems to coordinate its’ dimension solely for us. The phase which was still unheard of or was just introduced to us through the soap operas or movies seems to be a crystal-clear reality and we find ourselves in a completely different world. A person who used to be a complete stranger few days back seems to be our soulmate around whom our world starts revolving. Those things which were never part of a life becomes an immense necessity for us as we are now not so-called single as we proudly announce our self to be in a Relationship.

The Degrading Relationship

Even though today each and every person claims to be in an unending love with his or her partner, the frequency of the deteriorating relationships is not an open secret. The words which were uttered in utmost secrecy to someone whom we consider our love become a matter of mockery and disgust for us. Reason being! We claim not to feel the same love for the person as we used to feel earlier and the time has came to Move On. The recent trade of Move On has not moved an inch forward to the betterment of the relationships of the teenagers as well as the adults who claim themselves to be more mature than the youngsters. In this era of globalization when we are confined towards our own individual boundaries, the wings of relationships which have been already wounded due to the current weapon of Move On have been further brutally massacred by the weapon of Multiple Relationships. At the time when in this fast life we are not able to give ample time to a relationship we dare to find peace and solace in multiple relationships. We tend to forget that relationship is a virtue which is enough to direct us towards peace and contentment we willingly or unwillingly obstruct our own through such a menace.

A Reality Cross-Check

Even though few people claim it a matter which is just guided through instinct or circumstances, this degrading mentality need to have a cross-check of the reality. Multiple relationships which we consider an act of gaining peace could not be considered more than a way of satiating our licentious desires. Those desire which have been the by-product of our absurd fantasies or our own diseased mentality which consider love just a way of love-making. The most contagious part of this diseased mentality is that not only the men but also women have fallen equally prey to this peril. It seems quite ironical that at one point of time we blame our partner for not being loyal towards us and at the same time we lose our loyalty just for the sake of customized ecstasy. The ecstasy which is just a part of our lecherous motives and have nothing to do with the serenity of love or piousness of relationship. It seems quite heart-rending when we claim to lose our heart at the same time for multiple persons where neither our future nor our heart is at symmetry.

The Concluding Words

It is right that we are free to live our life in our own way but obviously there is an imperative need to understand the true meaning of relationship which can at least not let our heart lose its way!