A Misunderstood Kejriwal Victim of Fake Campaign too

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has brought political alternatives before coming into politics. As Delhi CM, he has taken important initiatives in education, health care, water, etc. despite unstoppable pressure from LG, not having state police in control and meager share of state revenue.

A Misunderstood Kejriwal Victim of Fake Campaign too
A Misunderstood Kejriwal Victim of Fake Campaign too

Second decade of 21st century saw a beginning of change in the political discourse of India. Two big parties Congress and BJP were at their peak in the political arena. But at the same time, far from all these lime lights, a party unknown to the world was gradually emerging from the aam aadmi for the aam aadmi and by the aam aadmi.

Arvind Kejriwal was the man responsible for single handedly changing the discourse of the political campaign in India by creating the Aam Aadmi Party in the year 2013. After Kejriwal’s political campaign, for the first time we witnessed in Indian history that all the political parties were starting the political campaign with the launch of their party Manifesto seriously. For this the Kejriwal was only reason who compelled other parties to connect and discuss with people and explain why they will vote them. AAP leaders were going to villages, towns and colleges to ask their problems and writing those in their manifestos. At the same time other parties were focusing on big election campaigns but when they start feeling the loss of fights at the local level, they started copying the Aam Aadmi Party style of street level campaigning. They started distributing the pamphlets door to door.

Up to this time everything was going fine as all the parties were trying to fight honestly. Then came the era of fake campaigning, fake speeches and fake news.

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And the most misunderstood and victimized person of this propaganda was none other than Kejriwal. He became the victim first time when he was termed as ‘bhagoda’.  Many media houses along with the political parties shamelessly calling him as ‘bhagoda’ without discussing the reason of his resignation. Starting from this, he and his party had to face the challenges of these fake propaganda. After overcoming all these challenges, AAP won a historical political victory in Delhi by grabbing 67  out of 70 assembly seats.

Running a new government surrounded by fake media campaigns, fake media campaigns has not been an easy task for Kejriwal, but he has successfully completed three years in government. AAP never distracted its focus from the development and continue working for aam aadmi. They opened poor people shelter, mohalla clinics, cut the electric rate, free water, re-modelling of the government schools, etc. despite having no control over state police, a meagre revenue share of the state and excessive unnecessary interference of LG.

If we talk about fake political or media campaign, we can take the current example which AAP government is facing for Office of Profit. Yes, it is true that that this decision is taken by the Election Commission along with agreement of our honorable President. But this case is going in High Court and the court has put stay order on this decision.

But when we see the role of media houses or political parties, they never dare to discuss these issues honestly. Even suppose AAP did wrong, but why the media is not questioning other state governments for the same role of conduct. Why are they singling only AAP? Why they don’t say the people that the Election commission should also disqualify the MLAs of MP government, Chhattisgarh government, Punjab government, etc.? Time to introspect!