Recent Slave Trade in Libya Shows the Horrifying Reality of Modern Day Slavery

Slavery is a form of owning, buying and selling not things but people. Slavery still exists, and it is even more sadistic and torturous than before as it deals with psychological trauma. We take a look at the types of slavery practiced around the world, so that we as people will become aware and take action against it.

Slavery, Africa, Niger, Libya, Asia, Thailand, Europe, Vietnam, United States, Indonesia, Shandra Woworuntu
Slavery, Africa, Niger, Libya, Asia, Thailand, Europe, Vietnam, United States, Indonesia, Shandra Woworuntu

Modern day slavery is an invisible crime, no chains, injuries are more psychological and the victims are amongst us, without our knowledge.

Africa has plenty of slave markets, where one such instance is sub Saharan migrants from countries like Niger being sold in the slave markets of Libya. These sub Saharan migrants are being auctioned off as farm workers against their wishes. The price tag per person is $400, which is outrageous.

Asia is seen to employ people with the intention of making them work long gruelling hours with no pay. Thailand for example which is the third largest exporter of sea food is seen to employ people in the open sea for fishing for 20 hours with no pay.  There have been statements of cruelty of legs being broken, hands twisted and even murder if these slaves tried to escape.

Europe is no different, where young kids from countries like Vietnam flock to the United Kingdom with dreams and hopes of a brighter future. Little do they know that once they join jobs such as working in cannabis factories they were threatened to be killed if they tried to escape.

There is the sexual slavery which has been continued for years, especially in countries like the United States. There has been a story of the airport authorities in the USA passing on current Indonesian activist, Shandra Woworuntu to armed traffickers. Shandra came to the US in the hopes of working in the hospitality industry, but there were other sadistic plans ahead. Eventually she escaped, and helped the FBI track the trafficking victims in a brothel.

Slavery is seen to exist in all countries, developed or developing it does not matter. We need to raise our voices against such an act which is known to be of the past. The question of the matter is “How can a country be developed, if slavery exists?” The worst part is most of it is not visible, and takes place in homes and private properties such as farms.