Modi’s Big-Bang Reforms are Actually Hoax

99% of the banned notes returned proving demonetization has grossly failed. GST is supposed to be ‘One Nation One Tax’, then why are there many Tax Slabs? This compels us to think this Government fooling illiterate Indians in the name of big bang reforms?

Modi’s Big-Bang Reforms are Actually Hoax

The two trump cards of Narendra Modi, demonetarization and GST, have ended up in increased hardship for the common men. Firstly, can demonetization cure the ills of black money in India? Even if 99% of the banned notes have come back to the banks, as claimed by RBI, what about the breeding new wave of black money? The situation that allowed the accumulation of so much black money still exists intact today. The existence of defunct law and order, the bribery to the government officials, the corrupt politicians foresaw no change at all. Therefore, in effect the black money has started accumulating again and will continue to do so. In this context, Sitaram Yechury, the general secretary of CPI (M) questioned the need for such a move when it is doomed to fail in its objective, “99.9% of the notes back in the banking system. 100s died in queues. The poor suffered the most. All this for what?” he said.

The questions should also be raised regarding the poor preparation and ill planned measures during demonetization that brought down the entire nation to juddering halt. The common people have the right to ask why more cash was not printed in advance and why notes were not stashed in the ATM machines sufficiently in the aftermath of the demonetization. It created huge confusion and mayhem as notes were to be collected from a far slower process of bank counters.

The next exercise of PM Modi is the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST). The middle class Indians are horribly affected by this move. The prices of virtually every commodity and services have increased despite the assurance by the government towards the opposite. The commodities where the prices were supposed to come down, has not happened whereas the prices supposed rise have risen. This means lower taxation have benefited the producing company or services providers which were not passed down to the end users. It is quite surprising that the government did not take any steps to lower the prices for the consumers. This represents a grossly ineffective and a potentially harmful implementation.

This crassly shows the apathy of our government towards the problems of the middle class and the poor. Narendra Modi has habit of taking sensational measures and awing the common people. However, the effect of those steps and their poor implementation leave the common men gasping for breath. It is time to wake and see things at right perspectives so that these hoaxes are not successful.