Modi’s poll promises: Where do we stand after 4+ years?

Strap: Out Of 246 promises; Only 35 Met, 86% Pending


It was strongly claimed by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) that the tenure of UPA-I & UPA-II was the “Decade of Decay” because, during UPA, the growth rate declined. According to the BJP manifesto in 2014, growth rate declined about 4.8%. Food inflation was at its peak in 2011 and the work culture of delays was also introduced.  Corruption became a way of life. So, the BJP claimed to reverse the state. 

The NDA-led Modi government is now in its final phase. The Narendra Modi government came to power with a dream to make India “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” with the thought of “SabkaSathSabkaVikas.” It was clearly mentioned by senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi who was also the architect of the ambitious manifesto that “Our country has moved backward in the last 10 years. The BJP manifesto focusses on things that will help the country bounce back. We need to reform the system, bring e-governance and transparency in the system”.

BJP made 246 promises in their 2014 manifesto with access to basic amenities for all. Availability of electricity, a good supply of drinking water, sanitation and construction of better roads and transportation facility in the villages were the primary promises. Gandhi believed the real India lived in villages. But nowadays policymakers don’t keep development of rural areas in mind while designing policies.

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According to the Union power ministry “A village is considered to be electrified when least 10% of their households have electrical power connections and if electricity is provided in public places including schools, panchayats, offices, health centers and also community centers”. Holding this as a benchmark, the Centre announced in April that electrification of all tenanted villages in India has been completed although the first deadline, (May 2017) was missed.

Water is known to be the universal solution which plays a key role in the survival of various forms of life on earth. We lack clean drinking water. At least 11.5 million Indians don’t have access to clean water. India occupies 2% of the world’s land area which represents 16% of the world population whereas it has only 4% of the water resources. India ranks 133rd out of 180 nations in terms of water availability and 120th out of 122 nations for its water quality. ALARMING.

According to estimates, India’s water sector has a requirement worth $13 billion investment but it loses $6 billion every year due to water-related diseases. Challenges faced by the Indian water sector are due to increased water consumption and wastage in urban areas, water-borne diseases, unplanned industrial growth, political and regulatory disputes, water cycle imbalances, increasing irrigation and agricultural demand and lack of technology in wastewater treatment.

India has the second largest road network across the world (54 lakh km) which provides the basic infrastructural facilities to both agricultural and industrial sectors of the country. The Indian roads carry almost 90% of the country’s passenger traffic and around 65% of its domestic cargo.

While the NDA-led Narendra Modi administration assured to make road construction a top priority; out of 416 projects, around 200 projects are still pending and some are not yet to start. According to the ministry data “around 200 projects are under construction” and the highest number of projects are pending in Maharashtra. The following are the pending projects:

[table id=9 /]

According to the data of Kulhar, an organization who works on manifestos till May 25, 2016:

[table id=10 /]

Considering this pace of development, how BJP is able to complete its promises, the country awaits to see.

Modi’s poll promises: Where do we stand after 4+ years?
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Modi’s poll promises: Where do we stand after 4+ years?
Strap: Out Of 246 promises; Only 35 Met, 86% Pending
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