Money: The Tree of Total Happiness

Is really being rich a vice or being middle-class and poor are still surrounded by illusions which add to their further vicious circle?

Money - The Tree of Total Happiness

Wrong Notion About Money

The title “Money: The Tree of Total Happiness” may seem contradictory to most of the people. They would say that how money can be the tree of total happiness. For most of the people money is only and only the root cause of all evil. They would argue that it’s the money which has caused endless sufferings in this world. It is the money which has created the wide gap between rich and poor. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The person having enough money is not happy in this world. He is running before money day and night and he has lost his mental peace and he is having a very casual approach in his personal relationship. He has neither time for his family, nor his friends. He has no time for himself even and he is crazy for money. The person who is rich doesn’t care for the society and the poor class of his society. They only do a wastage of money on the things which are not of much importance. They spend a huge amount of money on their luxury. And rich is arrogant and egoistic.

Reality of The Rich

When I hear these arguments against the rich class, I feel embarrassed. How a person can form such a wrong notion about the rich? All the arguments put forward against the rich seems full of flaws and illogical. When I here these I feel there comes a smell of jealousy and helplessness from the middle and poor class Its just like the same story which we have learnt in our childhood that when the fox fails to get up to the grapes he says that the grapes are sour. When you yourself fail to get rich, you start criticizing rich.

I am unable to understand how money is the root cause of all sufferings. I have seen people that the person having no money or less money is suffering from various problems. He is always in tension to collect more and more money for nourishing his family. Is not providing your children good education is a sign of happiness and mental peace? Is it a sign of happiness and prosperity that your near and dear ones have not access to even a proper vehicle for his journey? What kind of happiness poor people enjoy in traveling in crowded bus and trains? What type of caring of family they give to their family when a family of 10 members are living in a two room house? Their children feel always demoralized when they see rich children owning latest gadgets and expensive clothes and the parents are busy in arguing what the rich should do and shouldn’t ?

The story doesn’t end here, they pass over this diseased mentality to their children so that when they will grow up to do the same things inspite of trying to improve their conditions. The parents never tell their children the stories and instances of how a person got rich when some years back he was also a common man but they will surely tell him that how he has become the so-called arrogant and egoistic. How much busy he is in his life and so on. But people fail to see in their own life that even though they are busy but unable to meet their both ends.

The Middle-Class Mediocrity

You would have seen that a person leaves his wife, parents and children in his native village and comes to 1-tier or 2-tier cities so that he can get good job to maintain his family and goes to his home once in 3 or 6 months. If there something mishappening to the family neither he is personally available nor he has enough money to cover up his family. It’s not very strange to see that their children studies in a low-grade school or college and they end up doing what their parents have done and trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and then they will say “ Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Can now anyone tell me where the fault of rich in making them poorer day by day! They talk about helping poor and serving the society. You would have seen middle class family giving a 1 rupee or 2 rupee coin to the beggars, needy and handicapped. Is this the way they are serving the society and boasting of caring of the society? How many times they have feed a sumptuous meal to a hungry person. The poor and the middle class talk about the role of rich in the development of society and country. Can they tell me how much tax they pay to government which would contribute in the development of society?

And you would have found some educated middle-class person talking about equal distribution of wealth and communism. What a sheer foolishness to talk about equal distribution! Why should a person distribute his wealth which he had earned through his knowledge and hard labor? A simple question to communists, why are the communist countries are no longer superpowers ? Why is there supremacy of capitalist countries?

The Concluding Words

I have no any interest in making a comparison between capitalist and communist countries but if  we check the statistics a layman can even tell the failure of the concept of communism in this world. What I want to say that time has come that we do not let ourselves involved in the illogical discussion of what rich is and what they do and we strengthen ourselves financially so that not only we can give a better life to our family and contribute to the development of our country.