Mr. PM! If Raping 8 Months Old Baby is not a National Crisis, then what is!

On 28th January, Sunday in the national capital of India, New Delhi, a 8 month old infant was brutally raped by her cousin. Her cry during three hours operations in hospital made hundreds cry helplessly. Is India helpless? What is the point of having a bold PM who didn’t even declare rape as National Crisis?


Does it need enough to hang our head in shame that in a country which regularly boasts of being the next Superpower is not even able to keep its infants and children safe from the most heinous crime of humanity?  According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Statistics 19,765 children were raped in 2016 which have shown a derogatory hike considering the 10,854 children raped in 2015.

There were other shocking data revealed:

  • 14,913 cases were registered under POCSO in 2015
  • 8,800 of these cases were of rape
  • 8% of these crimes were committed by neighbours
  • In over 10 per cent of rape cases in 2015, culprits were own family members or relatives
  • In 94.8 per cent of cases, children were subjected to rape by someone known to them

According to NCRB statstics 1,06,958 cases of crime were reported against children where the official residence of our honourable PM charted itself at the top with 8139 incidents of crime. It is needless to say that these are the statstics which have been reported and it is safe to assume that the number would have been alarmingly high if the our policemen would have taken their responsibility as a lot of them are not reported at all.

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Even after the enactment of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act five years earlier and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) we are seeing a shameful surge in the mirror image of Almighty. Where have we gone wrong? Where is the attention of PM who considers himself the Messiah of the country or is he busy in his foreign tours or giving customized personal treatments to the heads of the foreign nations? Is it the case that he have been busy in his Surgical Strikes or GST and Demonetization or the tempting Budget? Isn’t it enough for our dear PM that he could declare it a national crisis? Where is he when a 8-Months old baby is raped and we are just forced to be a silent spectator as some intellectual find it a matter of research that how the psychology of rapists work when Nirbhaya case shakes us from the core of our conscience?

At this juncture when the current legislation have proved themselves defunct and toothless, The Policy Times suggest some policy changes from our dear policy policymakers which could bring an end to such an inhuman heinous crime:

  • Public hanging to these paedophiles
  • Death Sentence to other rapists
  • Firing of the senior police officers of the area where rape happens as they should be made accountable
  • Debarring the politicians of that area where rape happens to contest elections
  • Formation of NGOs and giving them real power
  • Not considering the age of rapists while prosecuting them
  • Widespread awareness to parents to report such a heinous crime