Muslims Terrorists Are Making only Lives of Muslims Harder

Terror attacks by Muslim terrorists are actually increasing the hardship of common Muslims who live in the Western cities and around the world. Time is ripe for major Muslim countries not only to condemn them publicly, but also develop firm and global strategies to stop them instead of using them for political purposes.

Muslims Terrorists Are Making only Lives of Muslims Harder

Regarding the Barcelona attack, where 13 people were killed and injuring 120 others, the police has almost zeroed in on one person, Younes Abouyaaqoub, whose is suspected to be the driver of the van which plowed to the crowd in an obvious attempt to kill innocent people. However, it is unlikely that Abouyaaqoub is linked to ISIS, which is an aberration. Firstly, ISIS did not claim the responsibility this time, which it does in almost every other event of terrorism, from London to Dhaka. Secondly, Abouyaaqoub has no earlier criminal records to Spanish police making it harder to nail him. This means he is not a seasoned criminal, but probably did this for his own reasons.

Abouyaaqoub has been identified as a Moroccan citizen and can be a subject of hatred towards the western world as a result of sustained anti-West and anti-Christian rhetoric and preaching common in the Muslim world. It is true that terrorists have their own interest and reasons which does not always coincide with religious teachings. However, it is also true that these terrorist activities have passive support from the ruling classes of the Muslim world as very few nations have ever expressed grief for dead or have condoned the attacks.

It is true that probably USA is the nation that is responsible most for such Muslim ill feelings towards the Western people, considering what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan and their active support to Israel. However, the fact that most of the European nations have similar feelings towards the Muslims and their support for the US Middle East policy makes the entire West vulnerable to terror attacks. The terror groups are probably apprehensive to attack US cities for the fear of retaliation. Thus, they find soft targets in the European cities and treating them as scapegoats.

However, this kind terror attacks at regular intervals enthuse hatred and discrimination against Muslims in the Western world. The shortsightedness of these terror groups actually increases the hardship of common Muslims who live in the Western cities. In many occasions they are forced to change their names and disobey their religious doctrines such as keeping beard to be acceptable to the Western societies. They are also subject to discrimination in schools, universities, at workplace and so on. It is high time that the key Muslim countries such as, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran publicly condemn these terror attacks and take sincere steps to dismantle these terror organizations for the good their own people who are fast becoming a global subject for contempt.