National Education Policy, 2020: Relevance and Challenges


In an exclusive interview with The Policy Times, Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Principal of the Government. Boys Senior Secondary School No. 1, Adarsh ​​Nagar, Delhi says that in this digital age, the Government of India has brought a lot of changes in the education system in a relevant way. Addressing the students, he said that in order to be ready for the future, it is normal to follow one’s own path before realizing what one has. Technology is a very important new age with the creation of a virtual university, our teachers will be able to carry out educational work with new learning. He said the new education policy is urgent for tomorrow. He further says that implementation of the New Education Policy has not been so smooth yet and it has many shortcomings which may take some time to be rectified and implemented.

National Education Policy, 2020: Relevance and Challenges