NEP 2020 A New Strategy to Reform Indian Education System

The Indian Education system to upgrade aspiring 'revolutionary changes' in history.


While addressing the 41st annual convocation of Anna University in Chennai, Indian President Ramnath Kovind announced the National Education Policy 2020. The policy is determined to assert the country’s youth the right education to bring ‘revolutionary changes’ in the course of history.

Education-The Catalyst

Mr. President said that education is the catalyst and the youth is the most potent agent of social transformation. An educated youth guided in the right direction can transform history.

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NPE Aims

The policy is determined to implement a modern education system based on resources relevant to the evolving needs of the hour. He further said,” it focuses on inculcating moral values and promoting an understanding of Indian culture and expressed confidence that the implementation of the policy would usher in an era of modern learning and education.”

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • India has curated one of the largest education systems in existence today. However, despite the noteworthy developments in the last decades, further reforms are necessary. The Indian government, recognizing the true importance of education in the 21st century, has made a firm commitment to creating a knowledge-based society through legislation. As per the current educational policies the country has institutions both at the state and the central level under the purview of the respective legislations. The government needs to surveil these institutions strictly
  • Various levels of the education system need to be addressed specifically. Precisely, at the elementary level, primarily rural schools struggle with serious infrastructural shortcomings. While the high schools are criticized for archaic teaching aids. The higher education issues related to operations without accreditations, there continue to be universities and colleges offering less valuable or even invalid degrees in the country. The government plans to establish a new institution (Higher Education Financing Agency) to oversee the infrastructural developments in higher education. The success of which would be determined by time.
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NEP 2020 A New Strategy to Reform Indian Education System
The Indian Education system to upgrade aspiring 'revolutionary changes' in history.
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