New Chhattisgarh Model with Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu

The Policy Times spoke exclusively with Chhattisgarh Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu on the development  model of Chattishgarh and other development issues 

New Chhattisgarh Model with Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu

The existing development paradigm does not result in equal resource allocation for everybody. Only a few people benefit from it. As a result, a new strategy focusing on the nation’s natural capital is critically necessary. People who live in villages and woods must be at the heart of this new paradigm. Even if the country’s economy is slowing, Chhattisgarh’s economy is thriving. It has good growth indications. The state’s economy is doing well. This is the result of a number of deliberate policies. The Policy Times spoke exclusively with Chhattisgarh Home Minister  on the new development model and other issues

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Q: The Government of Chhattisgarh has recently completed 3 years till date, can you please tell us anything about the developmental model of Chhattisgarh government and about its policies to us and even the public?

ANS- The concept or model of Chhattisgarh is one and only. Our motive is not to concrete policies. In fact, following our culture, we try to create objectives, policies and also make the Yojana. We are making roads for the people, schools for studying, hospitals for treatment. Development of what we want, our culture is helping us to grow, pushing us to move forward, to live in a better condition, and also helping us to reawake the vanished culture.

Talking about the policy, Chhattisgarh’s policy is invented in such a way that we can work for all types of people. One of the biggest profits in this policy is we are focusing on the farmers and even on the farmer’s land.

One may notice, in the corona phase, the price increased all over India. Many ‘Pradarshani’ reduced 20-30% of the salary from the employees. But in Chhattisgarh, govt didn’t deduct a single amount, didn’t raise a high rate also. We gave crops at the rate of 2500, which means the rate of 700 crops per quintal is left with them. Our policies, our rules, and regulations, our development, from here we all started.

Chhattisgarh has a policy for the farmer’s land, that farmers should take and support even buy the crops, support the needs in the market. This is the policy to make every individual work and be independent.

Chhattisgarh making roads, opening new camps. For the past 2 years, schools are closed but now they are re-opening. Hospitals were also closed, but now it is also opening. This is the proof of our development. Our total policy from downwards to upwards depends on our lower-class sections of society. Chhattisgarh has a concept called ‘Gouthan’.

Chhattisgarh has a concept called ‘Gouthan’. For instance, we started to sell cow dung from which we are making food. We will stop decreasing the use of chemical fertilizer and use the harbor state method. We are setting up the agenda of the harbor state policy. Even big companies are also collaborating with us. Previously in the village, people used to make food with the help of cow dung. Through laghu manufacturing company, we are giving ‘Godhan Nyay schemes’ to the cattle owners and villagers. We are monthly giving Vikrant pension to them for one month only and it is deposited in the bank. They are paid 300 rupees. So, this is the best scheme provided by the government.

Q: As you also focus on the education sector, jobs in the local areas, and employment; If we want to bring foreign investment in India to support the local industry, what is your opinion in this regard? How you are going to work here?

ANS- For investment by foreign or businessmen, we organize a committee/association in Bombay, Delhi. Even we are trying to organize many such things. MOU is also happening. For those people who are interested in New Raipur, we are developing New Rajdhani for them.

There we have also created a new company policy. From there we try to help every businessman. We have also created a new single window for land, water, and electricity subsidiaries. These all are things we are trying to make.

We are focusing on seasonal fruits also. Even the tomatoes from our Chhattisgarh are exported all over India. Businessman staying in West Bengal depends on our tomatoes. In this way, we are attracting the manufacturing industries and also the subsidiaries.

Q: As you also focus on the Tourism Ministry, we know Chhattisgarh is a very important potential state for boosting tourism. Any essential or necessary steps are you taking for promoting state tourism?

ANS- For promoting tourism, the first step we are taking is only been 3 years that our government formed. After the pandemic, the advance booking of foreigners took place there. Foreign tourists are also visiting here. Most probably more than 2000 and 2300 foreign tourists have visited here.

Recently, we have taken up a new concept of the ‘Ram Van Gaman’ tourist circuit. We marked 9 historic places and started doing development work. First, we started from the Chankhuri. Within the whole of India, we started it by investing 40-50 crore in the name of God Ram we started developing it. We selected 9 places where goddess Sita used to cook, everything is present there. Sibri Narayan is the present name. Previously it was named Savri Narayan means Savri Ke Narayan where people used to provide food to Savri Mata, Panchkoshi, Singririshi Ashram is there. Sushan Vaidhya Samadhi is also there. Everything we are trying to develop with the use of Ram Van Gaman Path.

We have opened Hotel Management because it is important for the tourists or the tourism students who will continue their studies. Secondly, we have introduced many tourism policies last year. Everything we are doing for the betterment so that the tourists increase in large numbers. Most importantly, we have 40% of the forest department. People who are visiting Chhattisgarh, largely want to stay with the villagers inside their shack, sleep with them, eat with them. So, we are working in this tourism in that direction. We want them to stay connected with nature, not with the help of concrete jingle.

Q: If we are talking about any big innovation that we have invented anything which will benefit our country, we can see the changes in a democracy which first starts with the public. What the public wants, according to that only changes in democracy happen. What message do you want to convey to the public, especially how we all together can make our country the best?

ANS- I want to request all the citizens of our country; Policy should be made in such a way from which everyone should get the benefit. We should think in this way. Thinking in this way only, we should give suggestions, advice, do our work, talk with the government. For the development of the village, what policy should we make, should there be electricity in my home, or the connection of tap, thinking of these we didn’t give any suggestion. Everyone should get benefits for education, treatment, business jobs.

Sociologists, Urdu scripture, anybody who is there who has knowledge related to these matters, should give suggestions in their own way. They should give advice for the country, the nation, and for the human being. In this way, I think the best policy can be made and we can even apply it. It will be benefitted to everyone.

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New Chhattisgarh Model with Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu
The Policy Times spoke exclusively with Chhattisgarh Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu on the development  model of Chattishgarh and other development issues 
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