New Delhi Organises ‘Open Mic Session’ on ‘Love Vs Equality’

Does love really ensure equality will be in the radar of the artists advocating love in the gala event “Love Vs Equality” presented by The Policy Times and Achilles Racing Club.

TPT & ARC Presenting Love Vs Equality
TPT & ARC Presenting: Love Vs Equality

How beautifully a Scottish proverb has depicted; “Perfect love cannot be without equality” which has always been a matter of debate in the blind rush of modernity. While love has been a taboo since ages for the lower-middle class and the downtrodden, it has also been a liberator for many. Yet, love could not eliminate social inequality.

The Session on ‘Love Vs Equality’ would raise some fundamental questions and would find their answers. Some of them would include –

  • Are men and women equal?
  • Does love ensure equality and women empowerment?
  • Are women always vulnerable when it comes to love? If yes, then Why?
  • While love is there, why is there social inequality?
  • Love and compatibility in the context of divorce and separation?

While Love has been a liberator, it has not been able to provide the long-term solution of one of the major fallacies i.e. widespread inequality in the society. Witnessing the labyrinth of sharp contradictions; The Policy Times brings the voice of the youths under one roof by presenting “Love Vs Equality”.


What is the Structure of the Event?

The event will consist of an Open Mic Session which will include poetry to mesmerize, fiction to enthrall, satire to pinch your emotional quotient and talks by experts to immerse you in a pool of thoughts.

Main Attractions

Young Voices who will add a new perspective and enthusiasm to the event


The Organizer

The Policy Times

The Policy Times ( ) fondly known as TPT is a digital media platform to discuss policy, practice and development issues of India and the world. TPT interacts with experts on public, social, political, economic and foreign policy issues. Keeping in mind the contribution of artists TPT formed a separate vertical called Litterateurs which have been dedicated to enriching the literature. Litterateurs aims to bring the voice of authors, poets, and writers under one roof so that their work can ensure a positive environment in the society.

Venue and Timings

The event will be scheduled from 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM on 11th May at the premises of 91 Springboard, E-43/1, Okhla, Phase II, New Delhi.

Whom to Contact?

For Registration for the Open Mic Session or any other queries Contact: Nitish Raj: +91 9065589761 (Feel Free to call anytime) (For submitting your piece for Open Mic Session, Sponsorship, Partnership or Speaking Roles)