New Electoral Policies for Elections in India

Every democratic country seems to have different systems in place for carrying out successful elections. However the policies that seem to be successful according to past experiences and studies have now been plead to be directed for India.

New Electoral Policies for Elections in India
New Electoral Policies for Elections in India

Certain conditions make elections with a higher voter turnout. India has now seen to be asked to hold elections on Sunday by the respective Public Interest Litigation (PIL) brought by advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay. This is by taking examples of Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and Thailand.

The PIL has also asked for registration and verification to be ascertained by postal offices. This makes it a commonplace in all states of India instead of confusion in the electoral system.

A more common policy being brought about for elections will ensure that the states act the same without discrimination from one state to another. This will be a practice of uniformity which will also help unity.

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Many a time’s rural voters out of confusion avoid voting for their desired candidates and this leads to a lower voter turnout.

We at The Policy Times understand that with general elections approaching in 2019 and state elections being underway you will want to know if your name is still on electoral rolls. The continuous changes in the country means the name could be missing and hence you should check carefully. Just having a Voter ID is not enough, the following is required to be done to check if your name is on the electoral rolls-

A common problem noticed by The Policy Times is the misspelled voter ID cards, and hence suggest using the EPIC number as it’s unlikely to have a mistake.