New Marketing Tricks for Start-ups in the Digital Age

Marketing is the sole of any product or service. If a business does not market well, there will be lower profitability which will not help in expanding the business. Marketing has evolved throughout the years, The Policy Times looks at the strategies behind existing marketing successes with the new modern ways of marketing.

New Marketing Tricks for Start-ups in the Digital Age

In recent years, Content Marketing is the most effective mode of marketing. Almost 85% of marketers use content marketing as a means to gain customer attention. Noted companies which have succeeded in Content Marketing are Mint, Bugger and Hubspot.

Content Marketing is all about originality, fresh ideas and very engaging material, and so is not so easy in a market where consumers get bored very easily.

In Content marketing, companies need to understand the target audience. This will help them achieve whether it needs to be formal or informal and if it needs to be short or long. Different audiences have different interests and so content marketing needs to be strategized well.

Content Marketing is mostly in Digital form in terms of email campaigns, social media advertisement and Google banner advertisements. Therefore technology plays an important part in marketing in today’s world.

There are other ways of content marketing such as blogs which are of short form quick to read content and longer content with more details in it.

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There are professional digital marketers these days that make the content as attractive with unique fonts and images. These professionals know how to get the user appealed in quicker ways taking advantage of the creative left side of the brain.

With technology developing at speeds at the blink of an eye, marketing could move on to more digitally inclined spaces. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain technology and cloud technology are new technologies that could improve marketing for a range of products and services around the world.

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