Nobel Peace Prize for Bolivian President Who Declared Israel a Terrorist State

It takes courage to call a terrorist a terrorist today especially if he is from non-muslim and non-Islamic countries. The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, courageously declared Israel a terrorist state on Wednesday, 20th June 2018. He has set an example for others to follow.

Nobel Peace Prize for Bolivian President Who Declared Israel a Terrorist State

The Israeli citizens, now, have to obtain a visa to cross the borders of Bolivia. It was under the agreement of 1972 that, Israelis were free to travel to Bolivia. But now it is mandatory for them to obtain a VISA for the same.

The announcement was made in the Gaza strip. The president dared to announce this in front of some South American countries. This announcement is known to create problems for the young Israelis. They won’t be able to travel freely now.

President Evo Morales has also left his diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. This incident took place in 2009. Now he again declared Israel a terrorist state. This shows how much anger the president is holding.

Known as Bolivia’s leftist president, Evo Morales is very astonishing. He believes in giving strong statements. This time also, he did the same thing. He made the announcement on Wednesday declaring Israel a “terrorist state”. He made such announcement because of the offensive attitude of Israel. This announcement has been made in the Gaza Strip.

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After the announcement, the liberty of Israeli citizens has been lost. They have to obtain a visa now. They can visit Andean nation only after getting a visa. The president Morales was observed showing his views on Israel. This is what he said on being asked. “We are declaring a terrorist state.

Israel does not respect the principles or purposes of the United Nations charter nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Evo Morales strongly follows the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, and Bolivian socialism.

Other South American countries were seen giving their support and showing their attitude as well. They took huge political and financial standpoints. Some other countries even called their ambassadors from Israel to protest. Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru are some of them. Let’s see where this takes the state of Israel against the world.