Not expecting survivors; Indian pilot among dead, says official


A passenger plane, with 189 people onboard, has crashed into the sea off Jakarta, minutes after takeoff for Pangkal Pinang, a city on an island off the coast of Sumatra from Jakarta at but within 13 minutes it lost contact with the Air Traffic Control. The last contact with the aircraft was made when it was flying around the Thousand Islands located in the north of Jakarta. Firstly they were informed that the aircraft had disappeared, but later it was reported that it crashed into the ocean.

Flight data showed it made a sudden, sharp plunge into the sea. There is no comment yet on casualties occurred, and rescue operation is going on continuously.

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The deputy chief of National Search and Rescue Agency, Nugroho Budi Wiryanto said that 300 people are involved in the search operation including soldiers, police and local fishermen but so far it has not recovered any human body— only ID cards, personal belongings and aircraft debris are found. When asked if there’s any hope of finding survivors, Wiryanto replied, “We are waiting for the miracle from God”.

Muhammad Syaugi, the head of the search and rescue agency said: “We don’t know yet whether there are any survivors”. “We hope, we pray, but we cannot confirm.” “We cannot give any comment at this moment, said Edward Sirait, chief executive of Lion Air Group. “We are trying to collect all the information and data.”