‘NRC’ crisis in Assam And The dubious attitude of the dock leadership

The 'NRC' reference and issue in Assam have been based on 'False Concept' from the very beginning, based on assumptions and fabricated political ideas. The government of India had earlier issued orders that anyone whose fathers, grandfathers, illegally infiltrated in Assam, their Indian citizenship would be restored.


Nazimuddin Farooqui


Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqui (Senior columnist, scholar, analyst, social worker)



The ‘NRC’ reference and issue in Assam have been based on ‘False Concept‘ from the very beginning, based on assumptions and fabricated political ideas. The Congress-ruled in Assam for a long time. Nevertheless, there was a stronghold on the state by communal movements and forces, that was the reason due to which the ‘Congress’ accepted the assumptions and adopted the views of the Assam Ganaprashid and the AASU, All Assam Students Union and other RSS affiliates. There was no inconvenience for congress in accepting their demands. A false accusation has been made against the Bengali minorities that more than one Crore Bengalis have illegally entered Assam. Legal proceedings against it began in 1951, then 1967 and later on March 14, 1971, Fall of Dhaka was declared deadline. The government of India had earlier issued orders that anyone whose fathers, grandfathers, illegally infiltrated in Assam, their Indian citizenship would be restored.

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Assam Gana Parishad and AASU continued their protests against that. The government remained threatened by them that if the NRC process is not accelerated by the deadline, there will be widespread bloodshed in the state. RSS ‘affiliated organizations massacred Muslims in Nellie on February 18, 1981. According to government data, 3,000 people were killed in just 6 hours in the morning. But according to unofficial reports, more than 8,000 Muslims have been killed in this bloody riot. 650 people were charged with rioting and massacre. 300 people were later released on lack of evidence basis. 350 people were directly involved in bloodshed, whose hands were stained with the blood of innocent Muslims. The government withdrew all the serious cases filed against them and all the 350 brutal murderers were publicly honored & awarded as honorable citizens.

Assam government had set up a Tiwari Investigation Commission on ‘Neilli’ riots. The commission submitted its report after 3 years. Despite the turmoil & furor in the Assembly, the ‘Tiwari Commission’ report was not presented to the Assembly. It was then thrown into the trash. The Congress was hand in glow with communal forces. Sensing its dire political implications, the then Prime Minister ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ introduced in parliament ‘IMDT1983‘ ‘Illegal Migrant Detection Tribunal‘ made in Parliament. Which gave great encouragement to Assam sectarian organizations. On the one hand, the Bengali minority did not want to leave Assam’s vote bank on the other side.

In order to maintain a political balance, legitimate and civil rights of some Bengalis continued to be violated. A handful of Bengali, religious, political and social and commercial constituencies have always been in slavery and service to the political party that was in power. More than 6 million Bengali minorities are still being practiced onboard. There is an animal herd that is being ruthlessly shouted all around, failing to catch the attention of the whole country and implementing anti-Bengali and Muslim minority policies, with beautiful titles like ‘NRC’, And created a failed state law that contradicts the Charter of Human Rights in a systematically planned way.

Current Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal filed a petition in the Supreme Court to speed up the process of ‘NRC’. Thereafter, the state government and the central government were forced by the Supreme Court to begin implementing the ‘NRC’ process as soon as possible. Since 2013, on the order of the Supreme Court, the Congress government has constituted an empowered committee comprising representatives of the state government of Assam, Assam Gana Parishad, All Assam Students Union, and the central government. In the first phase, Rs 600 crore and 25,000 thousand employees were allocated, according to which the Bengalis were far removed from the whole process of legislation and policy formulation. In fact, those who are the main parties and partners of the issue have the right to the law as much as any other Assamese citizen. The majority of Muslims are in the minority in the Bengali minority, which is why they are infiltrated under the assumption that they are ‘Illegal Immigrants’.

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The tragic role of national political, religious, social leadership, Assam, is the second most important state in the country with a large number of Muslims after Bengal. There are about 30 million Muslims in Bengal and about one Crore 2 million in Assam. About 48% of the Assamese and 52% of Bengali Muslims. The Bengali minority, in particular, is steeped in poverty and ignorance. Hard labor, farmworkers are their profession they are hard workers. Assamese Muslims are slightly better economically. That is because they have some privileges as Scheduled tribes.

The religious education situation of Muslims in Assam is very poor. The government has been operating religious schools since ancient times, there are thousands of madrassas and religious scholars, religious and Arabic educational system is very poor and unpopular. There are few welfare institutions that are engaged in sincere efforts, often due to religious and political corruption, Muslims today are suffering the worst fall and destruction. The poor Muslims have been held in the hands of a few religious contractors. Except for the Bengalis who have the best experience of exploiting the votes and dealing with political business in their heads. They are used as political laborers, madrasas unions, seminary teachers’ unions, seminary students’ unions, half of the Muslim Students’ Union and other national welfare organizations, all with the government. In Assam assembly, Muslim MLS from 26 to 35 different political parties are always elected.

The real big problem is from the country’s ‘renowned businessman, spiritual father, political leader, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal’, he is also the president of Jamiat- ul- Ulema Assam and is one of the top national leaders. Lakhs & Crore are always donated by him to political parties and he has close ties to every Chief Minister who is in office. They have educational, welfare, activities, which are spread in villages after villages. He wields a magical influence. In the state, their wealth is difficult to match within the face of political-religious power. His political party ‘AIUDF’ has also had 18 MLA’S. There are now 13 MLA’S and He himself is an elected member of parliament.

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All major authorized, political and religious circles of Assam believe that Badruddin Ajmal is the no one culprit in the NRC issue, who never represented the government in this matter and Neither did he try to discuss it in the Assembly and Parliament in a straight forward manner, nor did he threaten the governments resignation of its MLAs from the Assembly against the atrocities committed in the NRC. In the last Parliament, he had 3 Lok Sabha MPs.

Former IAS Harshmandar and former ‘DIG’ Police, UP, Mr. Darapuri openly wrote in their investigative report that the role of ‘AIUDF‘ has been questionable from the beginning. They simply file fake cases in court at the behest of someone and withdraw a few days later. This is the opinion of many members of the Guwahati Bar Association. Strength and unity have always been broken by them to gain their vested interests. Senior advocate Abdul Rashid Chaudhry of the Guwahati High Court also believes that there have been criticisms against the ‘Dock leader’ in the words of many secular-minded scholars.

When some Muslims were asking them repeatedly why they have become silent spectators despite so many atrocities and legal excesses, their answer was that I have no time as I have a lot of business activity. This is part of Maulana’s leadership. And as the RSS’s secret agent sometimes appears to be active, in the last 16th Lok Sabha on the occasion of ‘Tripple Divorce Bill’ the statement that was intentionally made in the parliament against a section of Muslims and the Muslims of the country were surprised. Later on, he apologized in a dramatic apology. Now their big leader ‘Godfather’ has come out in the open. ‘Amit Shah is constantly saying that we will implement’ NRC ‘across the country. Who is not aware of the catastrophe of NRC and the sufferings and problems of the poor people?

Indians are more concerned that it is going to open a flood gate of the inevitable legal complications that will be difficult to put an end to and endless problems will arise that will be difficult to deal with. We all know that. The heads of Jamiat’s ‘Lap leaders‘ ‘Bandwagon’, demanded that the government should apply the ‘NRC’ in the whole country. As a result, Muslims became more and more disillusioned with the ‘Lap Leadership’. And the intellectuals were beating heads. How did the uniformity in RSS’s actions and announcements and statements and the statements of ‘Modi Maulvi’ suddenly arise? How did Abrars (The Pious People), who received the Shari’ah degree, become an alliance of Ashrar (The Evil Ones)?

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Until now, the Bengali Muslims were not even able to get out of the trauma of phase 1 of the ‘NRC’, demanding that should be implemented all over the country is like asking for putting a mountain of the weight of difficulties over the head of the Muslim community which is full of calamities & suffering. None other than a mad dog can dare to ask for such a ridiculous demand which that indicates the high level of bankruptcy of common sense and the highest level of corruption in the ranks of the ‘Lap Leadership’ which is ready for a wholesale sell-out of the Muslim community in the hands of the BJP/RSS policymakers.

Only a crazy person will say, come to our town, file criminal cases and then we will prove to you that we are innocent. It is part of a nasty embarrassing long-winded conspiracy. Some posting of Modi Molvis are on social media in support of Modi and the ‘NRC’ that the BJP ‘I.T. ‘cell posted with the support of the cell & with the names of the responsible ones is a very million dollars worth question as to why the worst games of the hate are being played with the Muslim Ummah. The Ummah does not need such a foolish conscience-led Lap leadership. They will continue to play the rhetoric of joy and rejoicing over every great defeat of the Muslims. The resignations of many senior Jamaat-e-Ulema activists are continuing. Muslims will never tolerate in India, and in the near future, the Ummah will teach them historical lessons.

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In the case of ‘NRC’, the hypocrites of these ‘Modi Maulvi’ continued to make false statements on social media, which force the Muslim community to believe that the problems of the Bengalis were solved. No, Not at all !!! Only a few Bengali Muslims have been eliminated that too at the cost of losing their Indian Citizen Ship permanently.
A very Big Modi Maulvi said in his headquarters meeting that “whatever the government does is not wrong” !!!!

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'NRC' crisis in Assam And The dubious attitude of the dock leadership
The 'NRC' reference and issue in Assam have been based on 'False Concept' from the very beginning, based on assumptions and fabricated political ideas. The government of India had earlier issued orders that anyone whose fathers, grandfathers, illegally infiltrated in Assam, their Indian citizenship would be restored.
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