Online Classes “Ineffective” And “Inadequate”; Parents and Teachers Cry Foul

Most parents are prepared to send their children to schools and colleges as they find online teaching mode “inadequate” for their wards.


Due to the recent pandemic conditions and the month-long lockdown, there have been no classes in schools and universities with physical attendance. But education is not restricted as online classes are being carried out across the country in several institutions. But is it sufficient? Questions many parents and teachers as they feel it is time, schools and universities reopen.

Study reveals parents are eager to send their wards to school amidst the pandemic

A study conducted by “Azim Premji University” across 26 districts in 5 states that covered 1522 schools revealed that most parents and teachers want the schools to reopen as the nation has lifted lockdown in most places. A statement from the study says “The study finds an overwhelming majority of the teachers and parents stating that the online mode is inadequate and ineffective for education”. In addition to it, the vice-chancellor of the university stated, “Online education is ineffective because of the basic character of education, and not merely because of lack of access to the net and online resources, especially for school-age children”. This clearly shows that parents are eager to send their children to school and are not satisfied with the online modes of teaching.

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The inconvenience during online classes

As compared to physical attendance, the online mode of teaching is not sufficient due to many reasons. The exams are being conducted at home without proper surveillance, there is always a risk of network issues during the classes, sometimes there is the availability of only one smartphone in a house whereas the students are more, some teachers are not very comfortable with the online mode of teaching, and several other such problems persist which interrupts in the online teaching mode verily.

What’s the solution?

Of course, the solution is to reopen schools and colleges but that has to be done with proper safety arrangements. As children are more prone to getting infected from the deadly coronavirus, there must be optimum safety precautions to handle them when they start schooling again. The social distance norms, the implementation of proper sanitization, the wearing of masks, and all other such protocols must be maintained by the school authorities, the students themselves, and the parents and guardians of the students as well. If all these are maintained then the decision of reopening the schools and colleges can be taken by the government.

The PolicyTimes suggestion

  • Though the nation is suffering from fierce pandemic conditions, the education of the children must not be compromised. Although online teaching sessions are being carried out across many institutions, it is anyway not equivalent to the physical attendance by the students. So, the government must take into consideration to reopen schools and colleges for the sake of better education.
  • The schools and colleges must also abide by the covid protocols and sanitize the premises well before classes can be started.

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Online Classes “Ineffective” And “Inadequate”; Parents and Teachers Cry Foul
Most parents are prepared to send their children to schools and colleges as they find online teaching mode “inadequate” for their wards.
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