Outcomes of Trump and Kim Summit

After a lot of fanfare, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un and the United States President Donald Trump finally met in Singapore. Though Trump says that denuclearisation process will start "very quickly,” the world is yet to decipher the meaning of the agreements they have signed.

Outcomes of Trump and Kim Summit
Trump, Kim launch charm offensive at summit

The meeting took place in neutral grounds, Singapore with many around the world waiting in anticipation.

Both the leaders are known to be different compared to the rest of the world leaders with much of social media flooding with memes and comical illustrations about them. From Kim Jong Un’s untold cult stories in the isolated country of North Korea and Donald Trump’s way of speaking.

History has been made today, with the U.S President and North Korean leader joining hands and pledging to work towards a complete denuclearizing of North Korea while America will help North Korea in securing the country.

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According to a joint statement, it said-

“President Trump committed to providing security guarantees to the DPRK and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

Anthony Ruggiero, A senior of Washington’s Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank said,

“It is unclear if further negotiations will lead to the end goal of denuclearization. This looks like a restatement of where we left negotiations more than 10 years ago and not a major step forward.”

The news has rung quite a lot of bells and given rise to claps around the world. The United States Dollar jumped to a 3 week high while Asian stocks rose tremendously.

Kim Jong Un even commented that the meeting was historic and that the past has been decided to be left behind.

Kim Jong Un said,

“The world will see a major change.”

When Donald Trump was asked whether he would invite Kim to the White House, Trump said-“Absolutely, I will.”

Donald Trump had also called Kim a very smart man who is a hard negotiator.

Kim was seen to be very silent alongside but suggest that this is a transformational time for the world to show peace.

All’s well that ends well!