Petyo – A grand party for our loyal friends

Petyo which was on the 8th of April, was a party that all doggies and doggie lovers will remember for a lifetime. Don’t worry it’ll be back soon but here are some of the highlights for the ones who missed it and was looking forward to attending it but could not.

Petyo – A grand party for our loyal friends
PetYo – Pune’s Pet Carnival

Petyo organized by three friends in Pune, Maharashtra – Rajeev Kumar, Abhishek Khemka, Jay Mistry ensured that all the doggie lovers could help their loved loyal friends have a great time!

Dogs are not just pets; they give you support, love and even keep secrets away from anyone and everyone. They are the most Trustworthy beings in the world today.

The event was full of glamor and fun for the dogs. Dogs were licking each other, jumping with excitement and had their tails wagging with delight throughout the Petyo festival.

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The highlight was the fashion show, where dogs sat down and admired the opposite sexes in a manner never seen before. There were some beautiful and handsome model dogs, which were more interested in the food.

There were plenty of stalls, from food outlets for your dogs, to getting T shirts done with a picture of your lovely doggie in it. There were also various medical centers to check up on your dog, which was free of cost!

A great achievement by Petyo was the adoption centre for cute dogs that had no homes. Many people who attended the event without any fur balls went back home with cute babies that will turn their home into a much fun place to be in.

A dog teaches you so much in life-

‘A dog will teach you unconditional love.’

‘Live in the moment!’

‘Jump for joy when you are happy’

So much more…

I learned so much at the event, I think I have become a better human being now!

Hats off to the organizers and to Amanora Park Town for being dog friendly to the max!

Can’t wait to be there next year around… the dogs are already dreaming away about the next Petyo festival!