PLA Warns India of another Defeat in the event of a Sino-Indian War!

The border skirmishes are taking threatening tone in latest standoff between Indian and Chinese military. It would be a grave mistake for India if it chooses to enter a war with China.

PLA Warns India of another Defeat in the event of a Sino-Indian War!

The stand-off going on between Chinese and Indian military in the Sikkim-Bhutan-China tripartite border is taking serious turn in both military and diplomatic level. According to the Chinese point of view, the Chinese military have been building roads on the Chinese side of the border that instigated the clamoring of the Indian troops near that area. They denied making roads inside the territory of Bhutan, which Indians claim. China wants immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from its current position.

Interestingly, this incident took place during the time when Prime Minister Modi was visiting United States. It cannot be ascertained from which side aggregation started. Both have the reasons to show aggregation on the account of Modi meeting Trump. Either ways, for India taking China head on is like playing with fire. As in 1962, even today, India cannot match China’s military might. In a war, it is equally important to have financial strength as with military prowess, so that the war can be sustained. On that account as well, India falls far behind China.

Gen Bipin Rawat’s aggressive stand that India can take on China could not intimidate the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) chief, Wu Qian. His counter rhetoric to Gen Rawat has been taken on a serious note by the Indian establishment. “Such rhetoric is extremely irresponsible. We hope (the) particular person in the Indian Army could learn from historical lessons and stop such clamouring for war,” he said at the monthly defence ministry briefing in Beijing, indicating China’s aggressive position in the current dispute.

If we draw a comparison between India and China in terms of military might, the figures shows significant advantages to China. For example, India’s military personnel stand at 1,325,000, while for China, the figure is 2,335,000. There are 2,086 aircrafts that India has, while China has 2,942 aircrafts. India has 6,464 tanks compared to 9,150 tanks for China and 295 fleet strength for India, while for China, it is 714.

China is also not amused by the growing relationship between India and United States, as they see that US is using India to contend China. It is a fact that China’s concerns are not unfounded However, India should be careful as it is unlikely that US will join the war if China chooses to militarily attack India. There is no way, India can win the war! It has been unearthed against what has been propagated in the Indian media that China attacked us in 1962. The newly found theories claim that it was Nehru who ordered crossing the Chinese border first. If that happens again at the instigation of the United States, it is likely that India will lose more of her land, her prestige and her economy at the hands of the Chinese.