What Has PM Modi Got for India from US and Trump?

While Trump called PM Modi a “Dear friend,” their meetings didn’t result into much takeaways for Indians. Modi’s visit continue to be another ordinary foreign visit with little achievement.

What Has PM Modi Got for India US and Trump?

Shortly after PM Modi’s US visit Chinese official Media praised PM Modi’s US visits saying that the India-US relations touched new heights following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with President Donald Trump with a lot of “key takeaways.” What has Modi achieved from his recent US visit?

Well, according to the joint statement, they have been very vocal against Pakistan and terrorism. Both countries have agreed to take stringent actions against terrorism. Though its not clear what actions to be taken, but this is a welcome move to put pressure on Pakistan who is otherwise gaining support from China against India. It is also interesting to see whether America will work for India’s interest interest as America has always preferred Pakistan over India for its hegemonic interest in South Asia.

Trump has been able to sell 22 unmanned Guardian drones to India estimated to be worth $2-3 billion. The deal is being termed as a “game changer”.

What is surprising is that there is growing concerns in India over Trump’s radical move to crackdown H-1B visas. His administration is going to enforce ‘Hire American’ rules that are designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the US. Even during his speech, Trump asked India to remove trade barriers to help American exports into India and create jobs in America.

Interestingly, there was no mention of the H-1B visa issue in the Indo-US joint statement. Moreover, the issue specifically did not figure in the talks also with Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar.

Moreover, PM Modi should have also motivated NRIs to come back to India. Indians in the US are assets and can contribute immensely to India’s growth and development. Indian Scientists in the NASA, researchers in American universities, teachers, doctors are doing excellent service to America. As India is in a transition phase, it needs them back badly. Modi could have offered more incentives to them to come back with higher salaries and perks, affordable homes, and other facilities.

The way Chinese Government has been able to show the NATIONALISM and the PRIDE to be Chinese, was the biggest incentive for them to come back or invest back to China. In the same way, the Indian Government should induce a feeling of duty and nationalism in NRIs. Going with what media is showing, PM Modi’s US visit continue to be another ordinary visit with little achievement.