Police Surprised by Paddy Farmer’s Suicide Attempt in Front of K Chandrasekhar Rao’s office

Debt Trap of the Paddy Farmer instigated to Attempt Suicide in Front the Telengana's Chief Minister’s Security in Hyderabad

Police Surprised by the Paddy Farmer’s Suicide Attempt in Front of K Chandrasekhar Rao’s office

The paddy farmer, P. Mallesh of Telegana adds up to the long list of farmers who have committed or have attempted to commit suicide as the last ditch measure to salvage their helpless financial situation. He probably tried to make it into a public furor by consuming pesticide in front of the police squadron who disallowed him to meet the Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao. This resulted in a media attention that was quick to spot the incident. Mallesh was rushed to the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad by the police.  His condition is stable as been indicated by the doctors after a preliminary treatment. Probably, because of the sensitivity of the case, the local police still have not filed any case against him.

Mallesh, like many other farmers in the country, has been a victim of debt trap that could not be broken. His worsening financial condition has put him into a debilitating situation of being required to repay Rs. 2 lakhs within a week to the money lender from whom he borrowed money to dig five borewells. The sum of money running up to Rs.10 lakhs was borrowed by him from bank as well as from the private money lenders that have gone to waste as the borewell he dug could not hit water.

His grievance aggravated when he was not allowed to visit the CM by the security. “I came to meet the CM to seek help because I have a huge debt. I tried to meet him twice but they (security officials) did not allow me inside,” he said.  He was asked to leave twice by the police because he had no appointment. After the second denial, and took out a bottle of pesticide and gulped it in front of the security.

All might not be hopeless for Mallesh. After this incident, collector Rajat Kumar Saini visited his home to collect information about his financial condition. Saini would submit a report to the government based on that information. Some pleasant surprise might be waiting in the wings for Mallesh!