Policies on A Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are not only loveable, friendly and cuddly but they are loyal and are a Man’s best friend. Ask any owner of a dog and they will tell you their best friend is their dog. People need to learn quality lessons from this god sent, fur babies. However, the policies on dogs in India does not add up. We need to set the policies right, for these loyal and sincere. The Policy Times analyses the pros and cons of the current policies on dogs.

Policies of A Man’s Best Friend
Policies of A Man’s Best Friend

India is known to be the first country to provide rights to domestic animals and this protected them against cruelty thanks to Rukmini Devi Arundale. However, with the current Animal Birth Control (ABC) policy which is developed by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) for controlling dog population and canine rabies control, policies on dogs in India has gone backward. The ABC programme leads to more strays where nobody will be held responsible for injury or starvation. This does not help the stray dogs.

This further adds to the conflict of hungry dogs searching for food which leads to nuisances. When put in forests they attack other animals, and this is a result of the sad ABC policy put in place.

The main issue is the homeless dogs stay homeless with policies such as ABC’s and hence this needs to change. The Animal Welfare Organization (AWO) needs to look into this matter more closely. The AWO needs to increase shelters, and provide homes to these innocent dogs that only create chaos when hungry.

This is similar to the quote by Buchi Emecheta which is ‘A hungry man is an angry one’ which portrays a human being to be the same when hungry.

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The most irritating part is the thinking and mindsets of the NGO’s hoping to do something for the dog. Instead of protecting the so called ‘Desi Dogs’ they share misleading facts to the public that these dogs help keep the ecological balance by preventing burglaries and eating garbage.

Dogs are innocent animals that are meant to be living in a shelter instead of in the streets where people abuse them. The whole ABC programme is not based on WHO standards and hence it is misleading the public.

WHO recommends promoting and enforcing pet control laws, undertaking re-immunization and re-locating unwanted dogs. It is time that the AWO takes things seriously and follows WHO guidelines as corrupt practices are already out of control. Not to mention the amount of misappropriation of funds taking place.

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