Post-Covid, Lower Middle-Income Countries Cut Education Budgets

A major report stated that after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, 65% of the lower-middle-income countries cut their education budget.


Education budgets were cut by 65% lower-middle-income countries while only 33% of high and upper-middle-income countries did so. In the education sector, the spending by the lower-middle-income countries is running low of the requirements set forth as of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, and many more are included in the list to cut the education budget.

Negative Impact of the Pandemic on Education

The global pandemic has left a wide impact on the economy of the nation. And in the education sector, the impact was even more negative. To stop the spread of the deadly pandemic, the government had announced a nationwide lockdown due to which all the educational institutions were shut down. In India, for more than a year, the schools and colleges are shut down. Many students do not have any access to education or in other way do not have the online method to access education. Many teachers who are living in remote areas do not have the means to access the technology. Either, the internet facility is not active or the teachers are not trained enough to teach through an online method. As a result, there is a decrease in the number of teachers.

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Ways in Which The Losses in Learning Students Can be Revived

School shutdowns due to the global pandemic have denied the students from getting the education they need to build a brighter future. At the same time, the dropout rates have also increased. The Secretary-General said, “We must seize all opportunities to turn this situation around. We must ensure the full replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education fund, and strengthen global education cooperation”. He further added,” We must also step up our efforts to reimagine education- training teachers, bridging the digital divide, and rethinking curricula to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to flourish in our rapidly changing world.”

Will India be Able to Cover the Cost Increased during the Pandemic?

It is not known that the way India has seen a decline in education will be able to cover the cost or not along with the regular increases in funding needed to support growing school-age populations. A major report stated that “Despite the urgent need for adequate funding to allow school systems to reopen safely, about half of the countries in the sample cut their education budgets. This is expected to worsen the economic conditions which are not a good sign for the future.”

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • Indian education has been highly devastated by the nationwide lockdown. The bald truth is, there is a leadership deficit in Indian education at all levels. The Education Minister of all the countries must sit together for a joint conversation which would bring out a new method to revive education.
  • The Government must bring in some new education reforms so that India can cover up the cost increased during the pandemic.
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Post-Covid, Lower Middle-Income Countries Cut Education Budgets
A major report stated that after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, 65% of the lower-middle-income countries cut their education budget.
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