President Shield against Nuclear Attack

The President even though being the most powerful personality have to build bunkers for his safety in case a nuclear war happens.

President Shield against Nuclear Attack
President Shield against Nuclear Attack

The fear of a nuclear war is more than anything in this 21st century and even the head of the most powerful nation is not immune to it. From Truman to Trump, USA presidents have access to bunkers to mitigate a nuclear war. Whether it be the White House or the Blue Ridge Mountains or Mar-a-Lago in his Florida estate or the golf course at West Palm Beach. Even though how much sophistication is boasted of about these bunkers, no one is really enough to cope up with a direct hit. Not only the president but also some highly influential people who are considered at the “Top of the food chain” are granted access to these bunkers. Even though the bunkers are neither a fool-proof safety nor an assurance but still these developments make something unimaginable for the other people to be a prospective reality for the Americans. The Civil Defence Program started by Truman is just an act to realize the reality of nuclear war which could come without any aforementioned warning. The idea of a bunker for civilians came to light in the 1960s with the construction of a large facility in Los Altos, California which has further groomed to private bunkers giving rise to the concept of Nuclear Family.

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The presidential bunkers are meant for the president but still contains for others which even consist of the press as these three bunkers consist of:

Peanut Island: Along with president it contains room for 30 people which will be a couple of aides and secretaries.

White House: Known as the official residence of the president it has access for President, Vice-President, National Security Advisor, Defence Secretary, their wives and some others important personalities.

Mount Weather: This one consist rooms for President and his aides including hundreds of others including the press as ironically it contains a press room.

These bunkers are just the sign, of the devastation of a nuclear war where even the president is the most powerful person doesn’t find himself safe and is in the search of an immediate shelter like a common man.