Promoting India-Vietnam Trade in Agricultural & Food Processing 2020

Promote India-Vietnam Trade in Agricultural & Food processing in 2020 – potential, range of products, and outline a roadmap post-COVID-19


The Embassy of Vietnam in India with support from VIETRADE, IICCI, and the Policy Times organized Trade Promotion of Agricultural Products and Processed Food with India on 7th May 2020 through Interactive Video Conference. The program was moderated by Mr. Bui Trung Thuong, Vietnam Trade Office in Indiaand Mr. Akram HoqueFounder, the Policy Times. Many other dignitaries joined the webinar including Mr. Vu Ba Phu, Director General, VIETRADE, Ministry of Industry and Trade, H.E. (Mr.) Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to India, Mr. Le Thanh Hoa, DDG – Agro Processing & Market Development Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentMs. Huynh Thuy Vy, Vietnamese overseas – Chennai – India, Mr. Atul Kumar, President, Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Hiren Gandhi, Chairman – Food & Dairy Committee, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Mohan Ramesh Anand (TBC), Canopus Group (Bangalore), Chairman of the Board of Governors of Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (INCHAM), HCMC, Vietnam, Mr. Lokesh Parashar, President – Federation of Buying Agents, Mr. Amit Gidwani, Director, G T Fruitech Pvt Ltd, and President, Fresh Fruit Importers Association, Delhi, Mr. Raj Singh Niranjan, Managing Partner – Trans India Law Associates.

The purpose of the Webinar is to promote India-Vietnam Trade in Agricultural & Food Processing in 2020 – potential, range of products, and outline a roadmap post-COVID-19. Lokesh Parashar, President, Federation of Buying Agents (FBA) informs, “We are focusing on Webinars and Online Meetings and these are not only knowledge-sharing platforms for us, but also an avenue to meet potential Buyers and explore new Business. In the new world order, Buyers will find and want to do business with Suppliers in Virtual World. Over the past two weeks of Marketing and attending Webinars many Suppliers have connected with multiple Buyers and initiated first level dialogs vis-vis for their business needs.

 FBA President further said that with the Covid Lockdown globally, the business norms are changing and changing fast. We @ FBA force actual Travel to get limited. Buyers globally have already begun asking for Virtual Inspections next on plate is to take sampling approvals to Virtual Platforms. And let me add, this is not as difficult as the major chunk of the industry feels. Online platforms will also work in bringing efficiency both in cost and timing in managing/ conducting everyday business.

FBA has started working in this direction and empowering its Fraternity to make the most of this Lock-down Period and get ready for Post Covid Era and the New World Order. It is going to be a new world of business. A Tech savvy way of working. Do visit Federation of Buying Agents face book page to see live Webinars and also listen to some of the Subjects that we have taken up and also get connected with the Industry that matters and caters to your needs. 

Vietnam does contract manufacturing for all pharmaceutical, agro and food processing, spices, meats, live stocks, products from India. Vietnam and Indonesia are having their own marketing and distribution outlet in all regions and also take care of the complete health care products. Mr Atul Kumar Saxena President of IICCI said that the agriculture and food processing industry of Vietnam has performed significantly well and he mentions some of the products which can be a good source of foreign exchange earner for Vietnam, like;

  • Coffee: Vietnam has the technology to produce good quality of 3in 1 coffee and the most popular brand is ‘TRUNG NGUYEN’ apart from other brands like ‘CAPHE HOA TAN’ but the strategy of these companies to enter into the Indian market is not successful. Therefore, there is a need to make a proper strategy and planning to launch these 3 in 1 coffee brands in the Indian market.
  • TeaAs we know Vietnam is a big producer of tea but understand the taste of Indian consumers is important, like ‘DILMA’ brand from Sri Lanka has a good market in India. 
  • Spices: Vietnam produces a variety of spices and exports it as PLAIN MASALA with proper branding. Grind spices which are called ‘Garam Masala’, have a huge demand in the Indian market. 
  • Shan Masala from Pakistan also captured good market share in Indian market but due to ban between India- Pakistan trade, SHAN MASALA is not being important for a long time, therefore there is a vacuum in important spices sector, Vietnamese spices company can take advantage of that and can enter in the Indian market. 
  • CocoaCocoa beans can be processed to make various types of chocolates, which have good demand in the Indian market as well as worldwide.
  • Rice Rice can be processed to make noodles like WAI – WAI noodles, from Nepal, are very popular in India. Other value-added products can also be made like puffed rice (murmure), rice crackers, rice papered.
  • BiscuitsIt has a good market in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia is the big player in this segment. Vietnam can also enter into the Indian market.
  • SugarVietnam has a good production of sugar; they have been using Indian machinery in its sugar industry. Vietnam can produce sugar cubes, which have good demand worldwide. India can also supply cubes making plant.
  • Coconut WaterFire coconut water is very famous in BEN TRE province; this is a very unique product and can be launched in India.
  • Dragon FruitAlthough, dragon fruit is being imported in India mainly to cater hotel industry (5/4 star), therefore, the product has low penetration. It is not available in tier 2& tier 3 cities. A proper strategy has to be made to capture for better penetration in the market. This can be done if we export it in value-added/processed form like dried slices/chips of dragon fruits to increase the shelf life of the product. 
  • TamarindThis product can be sold in pulp form
  • Raw Cashews:  India has been importing raw cashews from African countries; these raw cashews are processed in Quilon (called cashew capital of the world) Kerala. Vietnam can also buy cashew processing plants from India and can export cashew nuts in the processed form to India and worldwide in their own brand name. 

At the end of the program Mr. Bui Trung Thuong, Vietnam Trade Office to India has delivered “Vote of thanks 

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Promoting India-Vietnam Trade in Agricultural & Food Processing 2020
Promote India-Vietnam Trade in Agricultural & Food processing in 2020 – potential, range of products, and outline a roadmap post-COVID-19
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