Why is Rape not Declared a National Crisis in India?

India registers 100 plus rape cases every day and add more than triple of it goes unreported. What can be bigger crisis than this heinous crime? Why are we so-casual about rape and our policies failing?


The famous criminologist and educator, Freda Adler once said; “Rape is the only crime where the victim becomes accused”. These words said long back seems completely true when we have a glance at Indian society. Even though we all love to preach the viciousness of such a pathetic crime but when it comes to standing in its favour, we start searching corners. A crime which is just not a crime but a blot on the face of mankind is not taking a halt even after so much laws getting enacted each year.

Let’s have just a glance at the increasing no. of rapes with each passing year:

18233 rapes in 2004

18359 rapes in 2005

19348 rapes in 2006

20737 rapes in 2007

21467 rapes in 2008

21397 rapes in 2009

22172 rapes in 2010

24923 rapes in 2012

36735 rapes in 2014

34651 rapes in 2015

34600 rapes in 2016

(Taken from different sources)

These numbers increasing with every year is just a glimpse as these are the statistics which have been reported and it is not tough to imagine that how many cases do not even see the daylight as we are so-called inhabitants of a cultured nation called India. A country where each and every form of rape is so much dominant that the country referred as a Golden Bird but becoming famous for its’ rape cases. Indian  women suffers from different types of rapes such as gang-rape, date rape, acquaintance rape or being a paedophile, marital rape or serial rape. Many of these cases hardly come to the light of court.

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While every national daily reports rape cases every day, why are we not becoming sensible? Why are we insensitive that holocaust for a girl or woman just becomes a news for us? Why the government which always advocates about women empowerment is failing at this front or are they satisfied after convicting a chunk of offenders? Why are government’s policy measures frustratingly failing?

At this juncture when the security and self-respect of women are at stake, what can be bigger failure of governments than this?

The Policy Times suggest the following policy measures:

  • Death penalty for rapists (How can we just put these varlets for few years in prison when the victim is bond to mortify every single day?)
  • Responsible approach from politicians (Heads hung in shame when politicians give outrageous statements regarding rape)
  • Enforcement of law with utmost sincerity (Police questions the victims as they are accused)
  • Hearing of cases by sensible lawyers (Its’ not a surprise to listen senseless questions from lawyers)
  • Raising awareness among parents (These are the one who prefer the customized culture over their daughter’s life)
  • Punishing the female rapists (This would evoke a true sense of justice in society)
  • Sex education in schools (This will help the kids to stay away from half-baked information)
  • Instant abolishment of senseless things like Romeo Squad and Love Jihad (These things just pushes you in an opposite direction)

Then only we can dream of a society where women could be safe and live with utmost dignity.