Relations or Relationship???

Life becomes more beautiful when we develop good relations or get attached with some special relationships knowingly or unknowingly, deliberately or unintentionally. But have we ever wondered the thin-line difference between relation and relationship. Read to know!

Relations or Relationship

Before scribbling even a single syllable I would love to make a humble request to my dearest readers that please don’t form any preconceived perception or misconception before reading the whole article as, with the Almighty’s grace, we all are blessed with the familiarity and acquaintance of these two very common yet significant (read acknowledged) terms. It would be a sheer ignorance from my side if I would just label these two words as acknowledged or popular as these are even more divine than the word divine itself which is not only beautiful in nature but also beatific in its’ form.

Relation: An Introduction

How much would it be idiosyncratic to decipher a crystal-clear definition of the term – Relation which had been the base of a lot of our ideologies since the pre-historic times? The word which had been not only nebulous in nature but also had been the epitome of clarity whenever we had found ourselves being dipped into a strange uncertainty. Then what is it? Technically speaking, it’s a bonding between two individuals who may either be biologically connected or connected due to any other bonding developed between them in a due course of time. But then I am left wondering how could I try to define it technically when this has nothing to do with technology or something like that even though I can’t ignore the fact that this technology had been said to be notorious for deranging the range of our relation. As there is a recipe for any dish, there are common ingredients for any relation whatever kind of relations that may be. Either we talk about a guru-disciple relation or peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend, boss-subordinate or any other relation. Each works on the same principles of mutual understanding and common interests. This bonding reach a different level of jade when ignited by our good behaviour and common understanding.

Relationship: An Introduction

The voyage on the ship of relation has given birth to a very popular and debatable term called “Relationship”. Since ages it had been a matter of a lot of questioning and hearsays which had given birth to a number of theories, ideologies and principles by our scholars which had made this word more vague than earlier. Even though they have tried to elucidate it since eternity they have been still a matter of incertitude not only among the intellectuals but also the tech-savy young generation.

Just for a second when we set ourselves free from this eternity and intellectuals and set our foot on the paddles of the thought-process of a common man we find that this relationship is as the state of two individuals when they are in love with each other and both mutually respect each other’s love.

At this juncture when almost each and every person is busy in pompously advertising that how much busy they even then are you will find them tirelessly telling about their current relationship or the one which had been over. Then a million dollar question arises that of which type of love they are talking about to enter into a relationship. As it is a matter of open secret that even though we try to glorify this so called love we love it to keep it secret as we are always in a continuous dread of not being understood. Even though I am left wondering when even being accused of infidelity he or she puts the same “Not being understood” in his or her defence which few days back they had advertised whole-heartedly in their own sub-conscious mind. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I would say that this highly detested adultery and infidelity had been able to test itself till now since ages as it was also prevalent at that time and I would say nothing regarding this modern world then it would be far better. I am left wondering when I find a person who is in deep disgust with this highly loathed word of this so called cluster of civilized persons and then themselves being accused. What an irony!

Relation Vs Relationship

Before I dare further to utter even a single word from my lips; I would like to ask a very simple question which type of love is necessary to enter into a relation and which type of love is needed to enter into a relationship?

One would wonder what a nonsense question it is?

It may seem a claptrap to someone or some people might even wonder that have I got myself confused or something like that? But alas! This is one of the questions which had been a tension di foe for our young generations as still they are lavishly throwing away their time in pondering that are they only a friend or in a relationship with him/her? How much it is heart-rending when we find that not only our relations are getting buried into a deep grave day by day but also the relationship which we highly advocate becomes the prey of infidelity and adultery? Really we are on the voyage of a moral downfall as we accuse of the shortage of time for our already established relations and also fail to be honest towards our relationship as we had already been severely diseased with the fashion of multiple relationship. It is not an uncommon scene to see a person turning a cornered eye to his relations and concentrating a major chunk of energy, money and resources to cultivate the field of this perceived relationship.

How much it is forlorn in nature that people have clearly defined a crystal clear boundary for their relation but they had not set a limitation or a boundary for their relationship. And if I am saying that no limitations, I mean my words. Today it is not offbeat to see the beat of relationships to be played on those backgrounds which if I term as unethical and immature I shouldn’t be wrong. At the time when nothing is uncommon how could it be bizarre to spectacle a couple having almost a difference which would be double of their age. They feel indifferent towards the words of this stern society for their this perceived relationship but once they got over as it had been destined they blame their fate and his or her so called friend which is now not less than a foe for them. The time which should be ventured to examine the veracity of this poignant relationship is used to reason with our own sub-conscious mind. We try to assure ourselves that how can we be erroneous when the scholars had already said that love is independent of age. How would those persons will justify themselves in the court of Almighty whose relationships had crossed the boundary of morality, legality, legitimacy and God know what else? Tell me; how even if we try can rationalize those incidents which makes us a confrontation with such audacious relationship which involves a particular man entailed with his niece, a particular girl involved with her cousin, a teacher inculpated with his/her student, a person incriminated with his sister/brother-in-law and a lot more better not to be written.

Now I ask which type of relationships and love they talk about which not only obliterate society, age but also terminate relation ethics and morale. Had we become so much inhuman and insensitive in this era of globalisation that just on the name of love and relationship we had buried each and every morality in the deep earth?

Love: The Divine Virtue

Whenever I ponder upon this predicament that what could be the possible reason of this disintegration of the people’s morale of such a country which had been celebrated for its culture and morales. The morales which had been a torch-bearer for the whole world is today itself wriggling for searching light of accomplishment. The love which was advocated as a divine virtue by our saints and sages seems to have lost its’ complete elucidation. The love which used to be a bliss had been synonymous to what we have been used to either spectacle in a movie or read in the novels. Our diseased mentality of considering the physical relation as a necessary ingredient of love had only worsened the situation rather than bringing any solitude. We need to understand that love is very much solemn which shouldn’t be voluntarily injected with those malpractices which will only be responsible for bringing shame to your family and society. Time has come that we decipher the divinity of this virtue which if inculcated in its’ real term will not only bring happiness and harmony to you but also add tranquillity and peace to your life.

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