Rocket Agarbatti, Gift of God

Rocket Agarbatti company is a leading manufacturer, packager, marketer of incense sticks, and perfumes in India


Rocket Agarbatti company is a leading manufacturer, packager, marketer of incense sticks, and perfumes in India. The company was started in the year 1991 and entered into the highly competitive market with the objective offering quality products at reasonable rates as compared to other manufacturing units.

Rocket Agarbatti is a national level Agarbatti manufacturing company with its headquarters in Nagpur. It is successfully running in the guidance of a great leader Mr. Kalim Khan as the Managing Director and Mr. Mehboob Khan as Marketing Manager. The company offers different variants of incense sticks with different fragrance peculiarities. Some of the popular ones are Chandan, Mogra, Gulab and the leader is 4 in 1. They provide different kinds of “Dhoop”, “Havan Samagri”. They are also coming up with new fragrant incense sticks. They sell the incense sticks in various product categories such as Agarbatti Economy Pack, Agarbatti Family Pack, Agarbatti Golden Premium Pack, Agarbatti Zipper, Agarbatti Zipper Pouch, and Agarbatti Pouch Packing and many more ways.

Incense sticks are commonly known as Agarbatti are the fragrance producing sticks, which release fragrance when burned and is supported by bamboo or non-perfumed stick base. Major constituents of incense sticks are made from aromatic materials such as powdered wood, charcoal, rhizomes, barks, seeds, roots, etc. with some essential oils, resins, gums, mineral oils, etc. Incense sticks are a very common and familiar thing among human civilization. It is not only used to mask the bad odor but also act as a most significant and one of the most important element in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy and for many other purposes from time to time. Incense sticks are considered as a symbol of purity and act as an element for creating a soothing atmosphere and peaceful environment.

Customers prefer Rocket Agarbatti because of their State- of- the- art infrastructure, their industrious team of professionals, their client-centric approach, their high production capacity, ethical business policies, transparent dealings, efficient logistic facility and timely delivery of the products. Their hi-tech infrastructure facility is spread over a large area and is empowered with cutting- edge technologies and machines. We have segregated our infrastructure into various units, which ensure a smooth flow of business. The company is empowered with an excellent team of professionals who assist them to successfully progress in the industry. Having strong business insight and possessing rich industry experience, the company’s professionals are very enthusiastic and dedicated to the growth of the organization. They work in tandem with each other; they maintain a smooth flow in the business process by working in close association.

Recently, the sophisticated infrastructural facility and the professionals with their immense knowledge have positioned the company among the leading names in this highly competitive industry. They are a fast-expanding group in India and will be launching more new products and brands to serve the needs of the consumers in short times. Some of the new arrivals are Armani Premium Incense Sticks, Estee Premium Incense Sticks, Forever Premium Incense Sticks, Freshiya Premium Incense Sticks, Golden Petal, Musky, etc.

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Rocket Agarbatti, A gift to God
Rocket Agarbatti company is a leading manufacturer, packager, marketer of incense sticks, and perfumes in India
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