Rohingya issue Proves End of Humanity

The Rohingya issue is a sign that people have neither hearts nor humanity left. This is a cry of concern, which international bodies are not paying close attention to. Certain humanitarian deals have been discussed; it is time for action and not mere words which are as much a distraction itself.

Rohingya issue Proves End of Humanity
Rohingya issue Proves End of Humanity

The policies of humanitarian grounds such as refugees have proven to be a major issue when examining cases such as the Rohingya Crisis. 1500 Rohingya each week have been agreed to being accepted by Myanmar. Bangladesh currently holds 740,000 Rohingya due to the conflict in Rakhine in 2016 and 2017.

Bangladesh is now doing all it can to help their own people, the Rohingya survive in the future. The conflict had been a breaking of policies of humanity.

However it is still not clear what the deal between Myanmar and Bangladesh are. The important points that need to be covered for Rohingyas include

  • Citizenship for Rohingyas
  • Lands have to be given back to them
  • Security has to be of top quality to the Rohingyas

Bangladeshi foreign secretary Shahidul Haque told

“We asked them to take back 15,000 every week. But they said they will take back 300 people every day, so that makes 1,500 every week. So we compromised that we will start by sending 300 people each day, but there will be a review in three months’ time and the number will be increased.”

The numbers seem small right now, with a total of 10 years to bring back all the 740,000 that left however it is as good to start. The past is the past,but the pain has been brutal. People were abused to the maximum in terms of human rights policies. Myanmar however has denied these reports, similarly to other countries that have harmed refugees in the past.

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Over to the Myanmar side Rakhine’s state secretary, U Tin Maung Swe, told “The houses are not yet built. We plan to build them under a cash-for-work project. We will give them both money and jobs. The returnees will build their homes by themselves.”

Safety should first be ensured by a watch from the UN, to ensure that the refugees are safe when reaching their homes at Rakhine.