MNREGA could Create Millions of Rural Jobs in Tough Times

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is frozen in 19 States in India with payments worth ₹3,066 crore being stalled. This calls for immediate action from the Union Government.

Union Governments Failure of MGNREGA
Union Governments Failure of MGNREGA

The MGNRGA is an act that was enacted on the 25th of August 2005, and as the name suggests reaffirms India as a welfare state. The Act guarantees at least 100 days of unskilled manual paid work in rural areas in a year so that purchasing powers of the rural people are improved. It has been an important instrument in ensuring growth in rural India, through social protection and livelihood security.

Rural India has a tough time getting jobs, with the MGNREGA things looked positive. However Wage Payments worth ₹3,066 crore has been frozen in 19 States.

“Since August 31, no wage payments have been made in Haryana; since the first week of September, no wage payments have been made in Karnataka and West Bengal; and since a month no wage payments have been made in Kerala and Jharkhand, among other States,” said a statement by the Morcha.

Tracking down there are statistics showing a 100 percent pendency in fund transfer orders (FTO). This is hence seen to be a problem at the Union Government, who is not passing the funds right away.

The main cause of the matter should be taken up to the Union government as such schemes benefit India as a whole. If such schemes are not taken care of, the whole idea of India becoming a developed nation will never succeed. It is the government’s role to introduce schemes where skills are thought of and education is subsidized.  Policy initiatives need to be introduced considering the future of India, so it does not need to rely on schemes such as MGNREGA which initially starts off but never carries on which has become a usual occurrence of the government these days.