Russia Needs a Helping Hand

Russia is pretty much in a very bad space with the West as of now. People have compared it to the Cold War which was between 1950 to 1980s. However, some argue that the Cold War was pretty much very different but experts claim that it is no different than what is going on.

Russia Needs a Helping Hand
Russia Needs a Helping Hand

There is a saying “History repeats itself” and this has been proven over and over again. Especially in the relationships between countries, like Russia and the western world.

A senior research scientist at the CNA Corporation, Michael Kofman said, “

“The Cold War was a competition resulting from a bipolar system, where two superpowers, both with economic and military advantages, were competing to shape international politics. Their universalist ideologies made this competition inevitable, as did the distribution of power at the time.”

He argued that its very different from today as the world is not run by a single nation but nations are completely independent.

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With the battle of Russia going on with the West, United States have made a fierce enemy in China. Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on $60 billion in Chinese imports which have made China retaliate with tariffs on U.S products.

With such coincidences of anger against the West, it would be really likely the old alliance before the Sino-Soviet split in early years of Cold war could be revived. The only difference is Russia is gone ahead of Communism while China still has a Communist Party to run the world’s most populated country.

With such strong messages and conclusions India, the world’s largest democracy should side with the West. Russia may not be India’s foe, with Modi working together with Putin for India to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) within a week.

“The most important thing is the trust and friendship in our relationship between our countries and our people,” Putin said on Thursday after meeting Modi for the annual bilateral summit.

Hence it is not of any country’s choosing but of Russia. Russia developing strong ties with China and India, but it has to pick one of the two in order to go against the West.